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5 Chic And Unique ACP Cladding Designs For Modern Home

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Modern homes are moving towards sustainable architecture, and composite material such as aluminium panel sheets is replacing paints, timber, and stone cladding.
With the active involvement of ACP cladding in both residential and commercial buildings, the designers and architects now have wider access to design trends that go beyond conventional thinking.
Taking into consideration Viva's range of design in ACP sheets and the underlying physical and commercial properties, we assure you to bring new colors, textures, and styles that are not only innovative but also bring class to interiors and exteriors.
Design must be appealing visually and comforting with textures. Our architects and designs have brought the top chic and unique cladding designs that give the structure a prestigious look. We recommend you to use these fashions and trends when trying to implement a design for your home, which has a modern touch to it.

Play Bold With ACP Sheets

Architects are currently getting bolder with their experimentation with color. The mid-brown tones, bright green shade, greyish brown color, Pantone, and blue never fails to enthrall.
The idea of modern homes is to integrate bold colors on more surfaces than before. The rich pigments give bright look to the modern interiors. The kitchen is a coveted space, in which the experimentation with bold color blends the vibe of work and makes it more conducive to work in than before.

Supportive design

An aluminium composite panel sheet is attached to a metal frame for the installation of ACP sheets. The metal frame supports the panels, the metal frame allows the ACP installation in any shape or structure.
It brings all possibilities of creativity, so the designers can create designs that are a piece of art. Layering one texture over another, or putting two contrasting patterns on one wall can be eye-catching and functionally cannot ignore. The ACP sheet can be cut into any design or shape to restructure into a different pattern. Modern ACP sheets add a touch of flair to the minimalist design.

ACP Adds Texture And Pattern That Resembles Natural Form

ACP sheets are available in a variety of textures and designs that mimic natural cladding materials like stone, timber, sand, and marble. The stone, timber, sand, and stone effects are making inroads in ACP cladding textures and design for both interior and exterior.

Concrete Ideas

While a lot of homeowners have an affinity for concrete looks, they don't want to lose the additional space in the interior with extravagant concrete designs. ACP claddings mix well in these homes. Grayscale and solid concrete design aluminium panels give the wall a fuller look and save the extra centimeters that concrete bricks would take.

Timber Texture

Wooden ACP cladding or timber adds a sense of vehemence and modernity to luxury homes. The combination of metal shades, especially golden shades, with copper or brass lines while playfully mixing stone and wooden texture along with gives a rich vibe. This living room looks warm and retro by adding earthy tones of timber. These shades and textures are included in the living room near the foyer, to add opulence to the entrance.
The unique and chic styles for draping your home with aluminium panel sheets will surely inspire your designer and architect just like we inspired you!
ACP cladding is in rage, as the sheets provide thermal, and sound protection, and does not break or chip with weather changes. Viva is proud to be one of the leading exporters of ACP sheets to numerous countries in the world. For more details on the Viva ACP sheet range, connect with us on 1800 313 3770 or visit our website