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Fire Retardant Mineral Core

Fight the fire with VIVA’s non-combustible ACP Sheets (Class B1 and A2)

Out of all the four elements, fire happens to be the most untamable and dangerous one. It can burn an entire building down to ashes.

A fire could have dire consequences for people living in high-rise or industrial buildings, hospitals, libraries, shopping centres, hotels, airports, museums, commercial centres, tunnels, or underground stations. Thus, the exterior ACP cladding and the interior aluminium composite panels must be made of fire-retardant materials.

So, we at VIVA have developed a new generation of aluminium composite sheets that exclusively caters to fire protection. The secret lies in the ultra-modern technology used to build the Core. Magnesium Hydroxide and Aluminium TriHydroxide are the core components, which are halogen-free and inorganic.

The right combination of fuel, air, and heat is needed to induce ignition and combustion. So, VIVA breaks the fire triangle by eliminating the fuel element and replacing it with an inorganic core sandwiched between two thin aluminium coils instead.

VIVA’s fire retardant ACPs are offered in three grades – Class B, and Class A2. The FR class B comprises 70% Mineral & 30 % Polyethylene recycled Core, whereas the FR class A2 includes 90% Mineral & 10 % Polyethylene recycled Core.

VIVA’s FR Class B ACP sheets are certified by international consultants Thomas Bell-Wright and accredited with NFPA 285, EN 13501, ASTM D1929 and ASTM E84. Our FR Class A2 comply with EN 13501 and ASTM D1929. They all offer 2 hours of fire safety.

It is made up of 100% aluminium and does not contain any polyethene core, which causes fire. It is made up of a honeycomb core sandwiched between two aluminium coils.

What is so special about VIVA’s FR Grade ACP panels?

  • Safe Product
  • Low Flammability
  • Allows people to vacate the building safely
  • Minimize the loss of property and life when a fire occurs
  • Generates less smoke
  • Zero burning droplets
  • Delays flame spread
  • No toxics Fumes

The leading cause of fire deaths is smoke (a dreadful amalgamation of CO and CO2) in 80% of cases. VIVA’s FR-grade aluminium panel sheets with mineral core behave like active smoke suppressants, preventing vision blur and ensuring hassle-free evacuation. Since there is a negligible spread of fire and flaming droplets, there is minimal damage to property.

Product Properties

Property Test Method Units Mineral Core (Class B1) Mineral Core (Class A2)
ACP Thickness Measurement mm 4.0 4.0
Coil Thickness Measurement mm 0.5 0.5
ACP Weight Measurement Kg/m2 7.6 8.1
Core Density Measurement - 1.60 1.87
Peel Test ASTM D 903 N/mm Min. 10 Min. 10
ACP Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 Mpa 55 55
47 47 - - -
ACP Elongation ASTM D 638 % Min. 6 Min. 5
ACCP Yield Strength ASTM D 638 MPa 47 47
Thermal Expansion ASTM D 696 mm/M/100° 2.4 2.4
Heat Transmission Coefficient (U) ASTM C 1363 W/m²K 5.53 5.53
Fire Classification EN 13501-1 - Class B-s1-d0 Class A2-s1-d0
Fire Rating DIN 4102 - Class B1 Class A2
Sound Transmission Loss ASTM E 90 dB 25 25
Sound Absorption Factor ISO 354 - 0.05 0.05