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Timeless Elegance :
The Aged Beauty of Copper Aluminum Sheets in Building Facades

In our recent effort to innovate and take your cladding dreams to several notches higher, we have introduced Copper Aluminium Sheet known as “Phases”, which has a unique blend of timeless elegance and structural durability.

When added in the exterior and interior for facading this is called “Copper Cladding”. This facade material combines the natural beauty of copper, its timeless metamorphosis, durability, flatness, ease of fabrication, and a plethora of shades that Viva Metal Composite Products are known for.

With all the features of copper along with composite panels, these sheets give creative freedom to architects and space shapers.

Timeless Elegance

Understanding The Composition Of Copper Aluminium Panel

The copper composite panel is a composite building material whose top layer is Copper and the bottom layer is Aluminium.

The combination of Copper and Aluminium along with a thin thermoplastic core for the non-fire retardant panel, and a mineral core for the fire-retardant panel, makes it the choice for interior and exterior wall Copper cladding, column cladding and retail branding.

Aging of Copper Cladding

Being exposed to rain, sunshine, and humidity causes weathering of the panels known as Patina, this causes the layer to change colour dynamically throughout the process. The formation of a patina takes years, and with time the colour of copper changes, adding a fresh new colour in every phase. Copper-aluminum sheets begin with a reddish-brown shade, sometimes tinged with silver. As time passes, the Copper cladding acquires a green patina, that not only enhances their aesthetics but also fortifies their durability.

01The Initial Radiance

Freshly manufactured copper sheets boast a pliable, red-orange nature. Upon initial exposure to air, these sheets reveal a captivating glossy finish, reflecting the vibrant essence of their surroundings.

02The Metamorphosis

As copper interacts with air, it undergoes oxidation- it is a natural process where Cu goes through a chemical reaction with Oxygen molecules in air, this initiates the transformative journey of wethered metal that has a rustic allure of brown and red.

03 The Hues of Patina

Over time, due to metamorphosis the red-orange tone changes to shades of green which is known as the Patina of Copper. This transformation encapsulates the unique character of Copper.

The Virtues of Copper Cladding

The history of copper as a facade material is linked to its durability, corrosion resistance, appearance, and ability to form complex shapes. We have embedded these qualities. Let’s have a look at the Virtues of Copper which you can experience with Copper Composite Panel.

High Recyclability



Versatile and Melleable

Minimal Upkeep



Long-lasting performance

Inherent Colour Transformation

Technical Features of Copper Aluminium Cladding

Product Mechanical Properties Actual Data Chemical Composition (%) AL 1060 Chemical Composition (%) Actual Data AL 1060
Hardness (HV0.3) 74.3/36 Standard Standard
Peel Strength (N/mm) Qualified Al 99.6 Cu + Ag 99.9
Alloy Tensile Strength (Mpa) 137/137 Si 0.25 Bi 0.001
T2/1060 Elongation A50 (%) 26/27 Fe 0.35 Sb 0.002
Size (mm) 90* Bending Good Cu 0.05 As 0.002
1.0*101.6*152.4 Cu/Al Ration (%) 15 Mn 0.03 Fe 0.005
Mg 0.03 Pb 0.005
Temper Zn 0.05 S 0.005
0 Ti 0.03 - -
N.W (kg) Standard GB/T5231 GB/T3190 GB/T32468

Features of Copper Aluminium Sheet

01 Timeless Elegance

The Copper Aluminium Sheets impart timeless elegance to the exterior and interior alike, as Copper goes through different phases, these panel adds a majestic appearance in any place it is installed.

02 Evolutionary Pallete

These sheets embrace a palette that reflects the journey of the ages, adding depth and character to your design. With shades that represent natural tones of copper and the ability to change with time, allow designers and architects to be experimental with design.

03 Poetic Metaphor

Copper cladding captures the poetic essence of history’s dance on your architectural masterpiece.

04 Artistic Expression

Copper oxides, in which the brown metal changes into dusty red, and then transforms to green. This change in colour and texture is a profound expression of life’s journey. This gives artistic creativity in building materials to fabricators and space shapers.


Properties of Copper Cladding

Versatile Application

Lifetime Warranty

Aesthetic Appeal

Durable Beauty

Unique Patina Evolution


Environment Friendly

Copper Composite Panel Application

Copper Composite Panel Application

  • They are mostly used in facade, roofing, and wall panelling in interiors.

  • These panels can be fabricated with the same techniques and tools as any other Viva ACPs.

  • For installation, fasteners, and extrusers made of aluminium, galvanised steel, and stainless steel can be used.

  • After installation, remember to peel off the strippable protective film.