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Timely Delivery

01 Timely Delivery

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We understand timely delivery ensures better collaboration with customers, reliability of delivery and most importantly customer loyalty. Since our inception, we have always aimed for high customer and client satisfaction, and we know that timely deliveries make for that. At Viva, we prioritize On-Time Delivery of Aluminum Composite Panels Nationwide.

We have 18+ warehouses across all the major cities of the country and with a 500+ dealer network guarantee delivery between 7 to 30 days of order confirmation (National and International deliveries).

02 Packaging Method

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Packaging must be obviously superior in quality. It keeps the ACP Panel safe during shipment between the manufacturing facility and the retailer. The good packaging of ACP sheets also communicates the company’s values to the customers.

At Viva, we have an experienced packaging team who maintain high standards when it comes to handling and packaging ACPs, which ensures safe and sound delivery. For the extra security of ACP claddings, we also provide multi-layered packaging based on the distance and mode of transport. We only use wooden crates for international shipping to maintain the durability of ACP and ACP sheet design.

Packaging Method

03 Transportation or Movement of Sheets

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Being one of the leading Aluminium Composite Sheet manufacturers in Asia, our aim is to supply our customers with the best quality ACP sheets without a tiny scratch on them. At Viva, we ensure the protection of our ACP panels against mechanical damages and the adverse effects of harsh environmental conditions in the following ways :

  • During transportation or movement of Aluminium Composite Panels, the pallets are strapped to eliminate skidding of sheets. When moving manually one by one or in pairs, proper support is given to the sheets so ensure that all corners and center of the ACP sheets are properly supported. Our ACP sheets are loaded and unloaded through hydraulic lifts.

Transportation or Movement of Sheets
  • We conduct stringent quality checks at each point to avoid damage to our ACP sheets. We thoroughly check for rough edges once the sheets are produced.

  • During the transportation of the Aluminium Panel Sheet, the pallet weight is kept within the limit of the forklift or crane.

  • In the case of manual handling of ACP cladding, only a limited number of sheets are being lifted that can be easily handled and carried.

  • Before loading the Aluminium Composite Panels on a vehicle, our team rigorously checks the surface for smoothness and contamination which might occur due to the presence of water, moisture, chemicals etc. If any contamination is detected, they thoroughly clean the surface before loading the ACPs in the vehicle. The same procedure is followed while unloading as well.

  • To avoid bends, they ACP claddings are fastened properly which ensures that the sheets do not hang out of the vehicle and are completely placed within bounds.