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ACP Sheet Design

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Give Buildings a Brand-New Identity with Viva ACP Sheet Design

Want to make your building look spectacular and leave a lasting impression? Choose new-age building materials like aluminium composite panels to gift your building the makeover it needs! ACP sheets are designed to be sturdy and visually appealing, which adds to the wow factor to exterior cladding as well as interior decor.

Made up of two panels of thin and flat aluminium, ACPs are attached to a non-aluminium core, which gives these panels their strength and flexibility. From mimicking natural elements and textures to playing with creative ACP sheet design, you can achieve it all! Get ready to make a statement with a brand new for your building’s exteriors and interiors.

Explore the Exceptional Features of Viva ACP Sheet

  • Comes in over 300+ different colours, shades, and finishes including vibrant and muted tones.

  • Textures including marble, wooden, stone, metallic, mirror, rustic metal.

  • Can be customized in design and colour according to your requirements.

  • Lightweight yet durable when compared to other building materials.

  • Uses over 80% recycled aluminium material which makes them environment-friendly and sustainable.

  • Fire-resistant (Class B, FR A2, FR A2+) cores that increase safety.

  • High tolerance and excellent tensile strength add to its splendid features.

  • Stain-resistant and washable which makes them easier to maintain.

Exceptional Features

Versatile Applications of Viva ACP Sheet

Enhancing building claddings and facades – ACPs are strong, resistant, and lightweight which allows achieving easy ACP sheet design & installation as modern-day building claddings and facades. And what do you get? Innumerable options for achieving the desired appearance!

Striking home interiors – Being lightweight and easy to cut, aluminium composite panels are a fantastic option for installing ACP panel design partitions, separators, and wall claddings, as well as creative ceiling installations.

Eye-catchy advertising ACP Board Design and Signage – The sleek yet strong build of ACPs is ideal for advertisement boards and signage. They are also weather-proof and impact-resistant which further makes them ideal for external applications.

Striking commercial interiors – Available in an extensive range of shades, patterns, textures, and finishes, ACP sheets are used for covering pillars, ceilings, and walls too.

ACP Facade Designing

Remarkable Benefits of Using an ACP Sheet: The Viva Promise

  • Enjoy long-lasting beautification with minimal investment

  • Hassle-free installations with easy maintenance

  • Experience peace of mind in adverse geographical regions by installing a 3D ACP sheet that can withstand high wind pressure

  • Comes with 10-30 years of warranty

  • Accredited with NFPA 285 the highest level of fire safety in India

  • Certified by Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants.

  • Easy and cost-effective maintenance

3D ACP Sheet for Stunning Building Facades

For those who are looking to add structure and textures to their design, a 3D ACP Sheet is the way to go. It adds character and appeal along with bringing the oomph factor to modern buildings. Architects, designers, and fabrication professionals prefer these designs for residential and commercial spaces, as it gives the building a way to express art and artistry. Viva’s 3D ACP sheets are available in diamond, square, and prism shapes. These sheets add depth and dimension to architecture, and the ACP board design speaks volumes about your creative taste. Browse through the range of 3D ACP panels by Viva today!