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Experience Top-notch Aesthetics with The Best ACP Sheet Manufacturer in India

Viva ACP is one of the top ACP Sheet manufacturers in Asia. The company has been trusted for over 25 years in delivering the best quality ACP sheets for claddings and facades. Using cutting-edge Korean Technology in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Viva manufactures premium-quality superior-grade ACP panels.

Pioneering the landscape of aluminum composite panels in India, our company proudly presents India's maiden Aluminum Corrugated Core Panels (ACCP panels), a cutting-edge 3rd Color Coating Line, and the enchanting palette of Natural Stone Shades. Unleashing innovation in every detail, we redefine excellence.

With 300+ exquisite colour options in different finishes, you will be spoilt for choices! Viva uses high-quality raw materials and coatings to extend longevity while keeping up the aesthetics.

Aluminium Composite Panels Manufacturer in India

Viva ACP has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that has a capacity of producing 12 million m2 per annum. The Manufacturing Plant has 12 Production Lines. The facility also has several lines that are designated to carry out different segments of the production process, where global standards are followed and met diligently.

Being a reputed ACP sheet company in Asia, Viva prioritizes the quality of the final products. The procurement of raw materials like aluminium coils, paints, and adhesives from reputable sources such as Nippon Paints, DuPont, and Hindalco., offers quality assurance.

ACP Line

Production­ Line­ Overview


01FR and Non-FR Production Lines

Viva is equipped with 8 ACP production lines that can produce both Fire-Retardant and Non-Fire-retardant ACP panels with a width of up to 1670mm.

02FR Class B ACP Production Line

Viva’s Class B ACP panels comprise 70% mineral and 30% polyethylene recycled cores produced in a specialised line.

03FR Class A2 Production Line

With 90% mineral core and 10% polyethylene recycled core, Viva offers fire-retardant ACP panels that are highly resistant to fires.

04FR Class A2+ Production Line

VIVA’s FR class A2+ is known as ACCP (Aluminium core corrugated panel), and VIVA is the first to introduce this in India. It is made up of 100% aluminium and does not contain any polyethene core, which causes fire. It is made up of a honeycomb core sandwiched between two aluminium coils.

Pre-Treatment Line

The aluminium coils go through the pre-treatment process ensuring complete cleaning, which enhances the adhesive process. Viva has a 4ft in-house colour coating line that carries out pretreatment and coating in a single process.

Coating Line

As one of the leading ACP panel manufacturers, Viva ACP is equipped with 3-colour coating lines that can coat aluminium coils ranging from 1000mm to 1670mm. Viva’s 5ft colour coating line is enhanced with a ‘three-coat three-bake coating Line’, which is India’s most advanced colour coating line. The line produces colour-coated sheets which help in giving the panels their distinctive and unique appearance.

Bonding Line

The core materials are bonded to the aluminium sheets using adhesive sheets to both sides using a high-pressure roller to ensure even application. The sheets are made to pass through cooling towers to lower their temperature.

Application of the PVDF/FEVE Coating

Viva’s ACP panels are coated in protective coatings that include polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), a high-performance fluorocarbon resin and Fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) that gives the panels exceptional durability from the weather. The three layers of coating are baked at 240°C for nearly 45 seconds. As one of the top aluminium composite panel manufacturers, the company ensures that every layer is dry before another layer is applied. Viva protects the ACP sheets using protective films before they are packed for shipment.

Color Coating Line Process

  • Pre-Treatment :
    Cleaning of Aluminium Coil before paint application for better paint adhesion & aesthetics.

  • Chromatizing :
    Passivation of aluminium coil, which act as an Anti-Oxidant layer & also enhance the paint bonding with aluminium.

  • Coater :
    Liquid Paint application over Pre-treated aluminium coil by Mirror finished-roller coating method

  • Ovens :
    Drying (baking) of applied liquid paint.

  • Other then shades, the aesthetic look can also be customised like Glossy, matt or rustic finish etc ...

Color Coating Line Process
Inhouse Painting Mix :

Inhouse Painting Mix :

We at VIVA have the most advanced paint mixing facility, in which we have all the Raw Material needed to manufacture the paint such as Resins, Tinters (stainer), Metallic slurries, Micas, Additives. These Paint-RM or Paints are procured by Viva from the well-known paint suppliers like Nippon, Akzonobel, Spectrum, JSW, PPG-Asian Paints, Berger-Becker etc. Most of shades which are coated on our coil coating lines are manufactured inhouse. Due to this In-house paint mixing setup and a dedicated laboratory for new shade developed we are able to cater market's requirement of new shades either of RAL, Pantone, CMYK or any other International reference. Apart from Solid/Metallic shades we are also able to develop new shades of pattern finishes like wooden, marble, stone etc...