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ACP Storage

ACP Handling

We give paramount attention to the way products are handled here at Viva. Our team is well-trained to handle the ACP sheets with utmost care. We provide our team with equipment like gloves, eyeglasses, etc. to ensure that our products are free from damages such as scratches, folds, and dents.

Our Aluminium Composite Panels are accurately packed in solid wooden crates which ensure its complete protection from any outside damage. The forklifts we use at our factories have adequate loading capacity for unloading crates from containers or trucks.

ACP Handling


ACP panels must be stored at an ambient temperature in a well-ventilated space that is free from direct sunlight, moisture, water and any chemicals that could harm the quality of ACP cladding. A standard room temperature must be maintained, and the FIFO (first-in-first-out) rule is also followed.

We recommend covering the Aluminium Composite Sheets with polythene to eliminate the effects of harsh environmental conditions and contamination by water, moisture and other foreign particles.

To avoid causing physical damage to the ACP sheets only the same-sized pallets should be stacked. We recommend not to stack more than 5 pallets otherwise it leads to impressions on the sheets and skidding of pallets.

The floor area where the ACP sheets are to be stored must be covered with a wooden skid or polythene sheet to ensure protection.

In case any contamination is detected, dry the ACP sheets well by blowing hot air or wipe dry with a cloth before storing them.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

We firmly believe that maintaining a balance between demand and supply is extremely crucial. Our well-planned inventory management provides aid in better planning and ordering of stock items.

The same-color panels from different shipments of batch production in the warehouse should not be mixed. Stockists and distributors can be offered small quantities of same-color panels from the same batch they have in stock.