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Color Coated Aluminium Coil

Triple the Brilliance with Viva- India's Sole Triple Coating Innovator

An Overview of Pre-Painted Aluminum Coil Production

  • Pre-Painted Aluminum Coil Production Capacity : 24,000 MT / Per Year

  • Having Facility to customize the shade either Solid Metallic or any Pattern.

  • Using High accuracy technology to meet the client requirements.

  • Fully Equipped laboratory to commit the life of the product and perform the real time testing.

Continuous Coil Coating Line

Viva Creating The Premium Pre-Painted Aluminum World

At Viva, we endeavor to make your yearning Product dreams into a reality. We define ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality Pre-Painted Aluminium Coil in India. Our journey started with a humble beginning long back in 2003 at Mumbai in Maharashtra and over the years the value we have contributed to the industries is synonymous with Trust and Reliability.

Viva had set up its 1st coating line in 2018. With the single coat and single baked with the thin gauge capacity. Min. Thickness we have facility to coat on this machine is 0.05mm with very fine precision.

To meet the market demands Viva had installed 2nd coating line in 2020. Which is also a unique technology i.e. 3 coat two backed with printing facility. And it meet the market requirment from 0.10mm to 2mm.

  • Again, based on the market boost Viva installed 3rd coating line. Which is 3 Coat and 3 Bake system. It is a unique technology which is available 1st time in India in PPAL market.

  • Based on all the above 3 continues coating line Viva has a huge capacity and specifications to feed into the market.

  • Viva also having Embossed finish available in PPAL.

  • Now Days Viva is making the benchmarking for the available coating system and available finishes with the best quality.

  • Viva is working with very premium customers for the premium market. Which need precise coating technology.

  • Viva having the testing facility to meet the ECCA And ASTM Standards.

  • Viva equipped with the reputed equipment suppliers.

Technologies Incorporated

  • High Speed Production Lines to meet the deliveries.

  • In house Paint Mixing Facility to ensure the Fast Delivery.

  • In-House Paint Laborataory which perform tinting and new customized shade development.

  • High Mirror finished “Hard chrome plated and ceramic” 3-Roller Indirect coating technique.

  • For Environmental friendly we have High Efficiency Incinerators Units.

  • Bottom Circulating ovens to avoid the yellowness effect of coated product.

  • 3 Coating Lines all are having facility to produce the Wooden, Marble or any other pattern-based design with the help of Roto-Gravures Coating.

  • Equipped with Embossed pattern Technique.

  • Paint Systems Available with Viva – Single coat Polyester, SDP, RMP, SMP, Epoxy, PVDF and FEVE.

  • Tested warranty Available based on Paint system max Up to 25 Years.

Coil Coating Line Process

Cleaning & Pre-Treatment

Primer Coating

Primer Coater & Ovens

Top (Finish) Coater & Ovens

Top Coater & Ovens

Application of Paint Film

Quality Inspection

Coated Coil Rolled



Testing Facilities


  • Standard: ASTM D1200
  • Tests: Viscosity (BS3900) @30°C


  • Standard: ASTM D1210
  • Tests: Fine-ness Of Grinding


  • Standard: ASTM D1475
  • Tests: Specific Gravity @ 30°C


  • Standard: ASTM D1353
  • Tests: % Of Non-Volatile Material (NVM%)


  • Standard: ASTM D1400
  • Tests: DFT (µ)


  • Standard: ASTM D523
  • Tests: Gloss @ 60°GH


  • Standard: ASTM D2244
  • Tests: Colour Measurement


  • Standard: ASTM D2794
  • Tests: Reverse Impact


  • Standard: ECCA - T6
  • Tests: Cupping


  • Standard: ASTM D4145
  • Tests: T-Bend


  • Standard: ASTM D5402
  • Tests: MEK Double Rubs


  • Standard: Pencil Hardness
  • Tests: ASTM D3363


  • Standard: BS3900 E2
  • Tests: Scratch hardness (Kg)


  • Standard: ASTM D4060
  • Tests: Abrasion Resistance (Taber Abraser)


  • Standard: ASTM D3359
  • Tests: Dry Adhesion Test (Cross Test)


  • Standard: AAMA 2605
  • Tests: Wet Adhesion Test (Water Boiling)


  • Standard: ASTM B117
  • Tests: Salt Spray Test (Corrosion Resistant)


  • Standard: ASTM D1308
  • Tests: Chemical Resistance (HCl)


  • Standard: ASTM D1308
  • Tests: Chemical Resistance (NaOH)


  • Standard: ASTM G154
  • Tests: Gloss Retention by UV M/C


  • Standard: ASTM G154
  • Tests: Chalk Resistance by UV M/C


  • Standard: ASTM G154
  • Tests: Colour Deviation by UV M/C


  • Standard: ASTM D2247
  • Tests: Humidity Test

Aluminum Coating Line Specifications

Details Line - 1 Line - 2 Line - 3
Thickness (mm) 0.05mm - 0.4mm 0.15mm to 3mm 0.15 mm to 1.5 mm
Width (mm) Min. 575 & Max. 1250 Min. 575 & Max 1650 Min. 575 & Max 1650
Coil ID (mm) 150 / 405 / 508 405 / 508 405 / 508
Coil ID (mm) 1800 1800 1800
Coil Weight (Kg) 1000 to 3000 1000 to 3500 1000 to 3500

Other Specification

Alloy Grade 3003/3004/3005/3105/1050/5052/5754/5005 etc
Tamper H42 / H44 / H46 / H48
Specification ASTM-B-209 , AAMA-2605, EN 485, EN 573, EN 1396, DIN 1745 , DIN 1783, BS 1470
Coating Standards ECCA / ASTM / EN / AAMA
ISO Standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018
Pre-Treatment Type Tetravalent Chrome / Chrome Free (ROHS)
Packing Eye To Wall / Eye to Sky On Wooden Pallet Corrugated wrapper with foam Support and stretch wrapped
Packed Coil Weight (Kg) 1000 - 3000Kg
Pellet Max Height 1.3 meter