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Properties­ of­ Fire­ Retardant­ ACP­Sheets

Viva’s FR Aluminium Composite Panel sheets can take on the wrath of fire

VIVA’s aluminum panel sheets have a remarkably smooth finish, are weather resistance, erosion-proof and impact-immune. They can easily withstand high wind pressure as opposed to wood, vinyl, or fiber cement.

Our ACP boards are the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable building material available. Our ACP panels are a green building product and are certified by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). Viva ACPs also help in obtaining LEED points for a building on which it has been installed.

Our fire-retardant aluminum composite panels are available in FR Class B, FR Class A2 and FR Class A2+. VIVA’s FR A2 ACP board is made of 90% non-halogenated, inorganic material that produces water vapor in the initial combustion stage and discourages the propagation of flame. This is because it has mineral content in it in the ratio of 90:10. Viva also has FR Class B ACP which contains Aluminium Trihydrate and Magnesium Dihydroxide. FR Class B has 70:30 mineral content ratio.

Viva has been the first company in India to introduce FR Class A2+ ACCP (Aluminium Core Corrugated Panel). With its best-in-class fire rating to fight the fire, you can rest assured in any such circumstances of Fire. Viva’s fire retardant ACP comprises FR Class B, FR class A2 and FR Class A2+. Viva has been the first company in India to have its FR Class B, FR Class A2 and FR Class A2+ accredited with certifications like NFPA 285, EN 13501, ASTM D1929 , ASTM E-84 to name a few.

Below is a glimpse of the properties of ourfire-retardant ACP panels.
  • Resist fire for 2 hours as per ASTM E-119
  • NFPA 285 accredited by Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultant
  • Negligible smoke
  • EN 13501-1 certified
  • Low flame droplets
wrath of fire

Properties Of Fire Retardant ACP Sheets

NFPA 285 ISMA Test -Intermediate-Scale Multistory Apparatus, façade fire test standards for evaluation of fire propagation characteristic of exterior non load bearing wall assemblies contain combustibles compounds Passed, (No flames into second floor, Externally flame shall not reach 10 ft. height on top of window and 5 ft. laterally centre of window & thermocouples inside of the wall assembly shall not exceed 1000°F during test.)
ASTM E 119 -16 Test standard for wall partition assemblies are considered fire barrier system, temperature control and with special framing system is part of wall 120 minutes , Pass
EN 13501 -1 – 2018 Single burning and reaction to fire B – s1, d0
ASTM D 1929 – 16 Determining Ignition Temperature of Plastics Spontaneous Ignition Temperature :
STI: 452°C (842°F)
Flash Ignition Temperature:
FTI: 429°C (824°F)
ASTM E 84 – 15a Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials Flame Spread Index
Smoke Developed Index: ≤ 5 - -
BS 476 Part 6 & 7 Surface spread of flame & flame propagation Class 0 classification
DIN4102 Standard Method of Fire Test of Exterior Wall Assemblies FR B1, Passed