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Anti-Scratch ACP

Make a statement with VIVA’s Abrasion-proof Anti-scratch Aluminum Composite Panel.

When it comes to a facade, who does not like to metamorphose its decor into a visionary marvel? But it is equally essential to prolong the life of the establishment and preserve the aesthetics. Adapting to the evolving market trends comes second nature to VIVA. Hence, we launched our scratch-resistant ACP panels.

Viva’s Anti-scratch ACP is a specially designed Nanotechnology-based coating designed to achieve a high gloss, optimum scratch, stain resistance, and easy cleaning. It is non-stick to dust and any other solid dart protecting the aesthetic look of the surfaces for a long duration. The surface can easily be cleaned and maintained without using harsh chemical cleaners. Permanent marker inks can easily be removed from their surface by simply wiping with a cloth or tissue paper.

VIVA’s Anti-scratch aluminum panel sheets stand out because they are:

  • Water and mud repellent.

  • Easy to clean.

  • No stain, completely wipeable.

  • Anti-graffiti.

  • Corrosion reduction.

  • Reduced maintenance cost.

  • Resistance against chemical cleaners.

  • Scratch-resistant.

  • Long performance life.

ACP Facade Designing

The excellent finish of VIVA’s anti-scratch ACP sheets will accentuate the beauty of your facade in unimaginable ways. Our ACP panels are shock-resistant when exposed to a windstorm, earthquake, cyclone, or abrasions. Consequently, they make for an ideal material to be used in cladding. Even better, ACP boards do not ask for much maintenance. You can do away with using general cleaning methods.

Our scratch-resistance aluminum composite panels have an excellent adhesion capability. The protective film leaves behind no residue after being peeled. The abrasion-resistant coating effectively protects the aluminium composite panel from scratches, marks, damage, and contamination during cutting, drilling, transportation, and installation.

The fact that VIVA’s aluminium composite panels or ACP panels are not coated with lead, mercury, chromium, or any other heavy metal compounds is a bonus since these elements are anything but ecosystem friendly.