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Self Cleaning

VIVA’s stain-resistant ACP panels are here to render a timeless look to your facade

Research says that when we cross paths with a facade that excels in design and craftsmanship so much so that it radiates vibes of modernity, luxury, or a futuristic vision, it acts as a mental balm.

Thus, catering to the era of neuro-architecture, VIVA has developed aluminum composite panels with self-cleaning and pollution-resistant properties.

In areas where there is heavy pollution; severe weather accompanied by strong winds and sand; construction or industrial activities; foggy and coastal regions with frequent cycles of condensation and dryness; appreciable amounts of pollutants like dirty water, permanent spray paint, carbon monoxide, grease, machine oil, soil, or any other foreign particles tend to get deposited on the surface coating. This, in turn, messes up with the original appearance of the facade.

We apply high-tech nanotechnology to coat the surface with fluorocarbon PVDF paints. The coating technology transforms the molecular structure of the ACP sheet paint by sealing any air gaps between the tiny paint molecules with a water-soluble chemical. Consequently, the coating’s performance is enhanced, and its gloss and color integrity are preserved for extended periods.

The nano-coated surface is both lipophobic (oil-resistance) and hydrophobic (water-resistance) in nature. It acts as an impermeable barrier against the penetration of UV rays and pollutants to the paint surface.

One more thing worth mentioning is that nano PVDF paint is an emission-free coating system.

Thus, VIVA's stain-resistant ACP sheets will give a gleaming new look to your application area. We guarantee that nobody will be able to tell the age of your ACP cladding and curtain wall projects even after years of installation.