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5 Innovative Ways To Use CNC Cut Panels In Interior

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Facades that catch the eye of onlookers are vital for elevating the overall look of a building. Today technology enables the utilization of Aluminium Composite Panel's flexibility to give birth to new designs.
One of the modern use of technological advancements in ACP panels is CNC cut panels. CNC cutting creates intricate designs on the panels, which can be installed in a variety of ways in commercial and residential spaces.

What is CNC Cut Design?

A few years ago, the latticed design required skilled artisans, but with the innovation of technology, CNC cut design became a popular way to achieve artistically designed panels with ease.
CNC is the acronym for computer numeric control, the CNC router is a computer-controlled cutting machine that typically mounts a hand-held router, and the spindle help in designing the composite as per requirement.
CNC Cut Panels Design
Modern technology has made room for experimenting with interior and exterior architecture. It allows architects and designers to recherché interior designs that stitch contemporary and traditional seamlessly. So, if you are ready to add some panache in the interiors, then choose CNC cut design for interiors. Here are some of the innovative ways to use CNC-cut Aluminium Composite Panels in the interior.

1.   Dividers in Living Room

Do you have an open floor without any partition, then CNC cut aluminum composite panel partition can add a divider without creating an obstruction. From floral to geometric design patterns, you can use any design to transform the space to enhance the urbanity of the living room.
You can use the jail design pattern to create separation in the dining and living room. It gives a luxurious look to your space, and instead of settling for rigid partitions, or curtains, you get fluidity in interior designing.

2.   Unique Motif for Worship Space

Do you have a designated area for praying and showing gratitude to god? Then, style the area with the unique perforated motif. The CNC-cut panels make the space appropriate for ventilation. As worshiping space contains incense sticks or candles, it is good to have adequate airflow through geometric pattern panels.

3.   Styling Storage Cabinets

Aluminium composite panels are the preferable choice for accentuating the look of cabinets in the kitchen or living room. Replacing the sun mica with CNC cut ACP panels or perforated panel allows to bring diversity in design for modular kitchens.
The goal is not to overwhelm the existing interior décor with the addition of too much jail design or CNC cut panels, but to make small significant changes that elevate the existing interiors. The addition of panels to the TV cabinet or styling one or two kitchen cabinets which keep dining plates elevates the overall aesthetic.

4.   Go Wild by using CNC Cut Panels for Windows and Balconies

Do you have large windows or balconies and want to cover them? Then, cover them with CNC-cut aluminum panels. The panels add a luxurious feel to the windows and deck up the place overall. The panels are cut in geometric shapes that add layers to the windows without hindering light or air.

5.   Lattice Work Design for Ceiling

If you want to elevate the look of the ceiling, then CNC cut panels are the choice you should choose. The best part of the selection of intricate CNC cut panels is it adds texture to an existing ceiling, you can also use them to put self-hanging selves or light from the ceilings.


CNC cut panels allow designers to stretch their imaginations in the field of modern architecture. Through CNC cutting technology, ACP panels can be incorporated with a wide range of artistic inspirations. It allows to the transformation of the simple panel into an extraordinary façade.
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