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Aluminium Composite Panels are becoming the number one choice of Architects and Urban Planners owing to a plethora of features that can easily beat other types of ACP claddings in terms of utility and functionality. Not only that, but this new age material also presents varieties of colours, shades, tones, and textures that will elevate interior and exterior spaces to match any design theme and decor. Viva Aluminium Composite Panels are long-lasting, easy to maintain, easy to install, and eco-friendly. Let us dive deeper into a portfolio of ACP sheets and learn the top 5 most popular types of ACP cladding.

Different Types of ACP Sheet Sizes

3mm ACP Sheet:

Aluminium Composite Panels having 3mm thickness are truly the most versatile when it comes to cladding. Having a strong core and two layers of Aluminium both over and beneath the core, Aluminium Composite Panels are also known as sandwich panels. The 3mm thickness ensures longevity, as well as the thickness, being ideal both for exterior and interior applications. When we think about ACP cladding for interior spaces, the 3mm ACP sheet claddings are the first thing that comes to mind. At Viva, we offer multiple 3mm ACP sheets to suit all of your designer needs. Starting right from neutral colours, to more flamboyant options, Viva 3mm ACP sheet cladding has it all.

3mm, 4mm and 6mm ACP Sheet Cladding | Viva ACP4mm ACP Sheet:

ACP sheets that boast a 4mm thickness are ideal to have multiple use cases, including both interior and exterior applications. Thanks to its flexibility and bendability, it can also be formed in complex shapes to have adhered to the surface of experimental architectures. Moreover, at Viva, we have an extensive collection of 4mm ACP sheets that will answer all of your cladding worries. Check out our 4mm ACP sheet designs here.

6mm ACP Sheet:

As the thickness rises in our 6mm ACP sheet claddings, so does the functionality. Viva 6mm ACP sheets are ideal for exterior claddings, owing to their increased thickness and power of longevity. These 6mm ACP sheets can withstand not only extreme temperatures but also are water-resistant. Viva 6mm ACP sheets can also actively resist mold, swelling, and rusting. Our top-quality raw materials sourced indigenously from India will ensure that your low-rise houses and bungalows stay beautiful forever.

Fire Retardant ACP Sheet:

To stand against urban fire disasters, Viva has introduced Fire Retardant ACP cladding. Our FR grade A2+ Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panels are great if your design inspirations take safety as the first priority. The core of our Fire Retardant ACP sheet is made in the form of a honeycomb design that actively resists and slows down the rapid spread of fire. The honeycomb design also makes sure to bring down the intensity of the fire and the heat produced from any fire outbreak. The air bubbles situated between the honeycomb design ensure to trap the fire by creating a vacuum in between the layers of the ACP Panel or Aluminium Composite Sheet. Our innovative safety-first design also promises a negligible amount of smoke and zero flaming droplets. 5 Popular Types OF ACP Cladding - Fire Retardant ACP Sheet

Anti-Bacterial ACP Sheet:

Viva also offers the first of its kind anti-bacterial ACP cladding. The anti-bacterial ACP sheets actively shield you and your loved ones from harmful bacteria such as coliform, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, enteritis bacterium, MRSA, E.coli, black mold, biofilm, fungi, and legionella. An effective antibacterial and bactericidal coating of the Viva ACP sheet make sure to kill any bacteria that comes in contact with its surface while also inhibiting microbial reproduction. Any ACP sheet cladding from Viva can be customized with the anti-bacterial feature. To know more about the benefits of ACP sheets, give us a call on our toll-free phone number 1800 313 3770 or visit our website