ACP Cladding – The Best Cladding Materials For Building Exteriors

What IS ACP Cladding?

ACP sheets are one of the most preferred building cladding materials (ACP Cladding) in today’s construction world due to their various properties like durability, weather, and stain-resistant. Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP sheets) are flat panels manufactured using LDPE and aluminium.  ACP sheets comprise several layers which are united to form a multilayer sheet.

ACP Cladding – The Best Cladding Materials For Building Exteriors

The best quality ACP cladding is also safe to use and cost-effective as it offers a fire-retardant option and does not release any kind of fumes or gases that are harmful to human health or the environment. They are also quite easy and hassle-free to maintain, you just need to wipe the surface of ACP cladding using a cloth to remove the surface dust. Vivas’ ACP sheets are also one of the most budget-friendly cladding materials on the market and they are also quite easy to install. Our ACP sheets provide the best cladding solutions for both interior and exterior surfaces.

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What makes Viva one of the best ACP Cladding & ACP Sheet manufacturer in the country?

The manufacturing facilities at Viva are equipped with state-of-the-art 6 Korean machines with advanced technology to ensure world-class products. The plant is equipped with all safety measures of six-sigma and also has 850 kW solar power generation for uninterrupted production. Viva also has in-house 60 types of quality testing equipment to ensure the highest quality & precise specification.

Viva’s ACP cladding is divided into various colours or shades such as Corton Steel, Galaxy, Dessert, Premium Marble, Natural Stone, Premium Wood, Rustic, and many more to go. Viva is also the first in India to introduce two Color Coating Lines (CCL) which help us to develop customized shades (ACP sheet colour combination) and cater to the requirement of various businesses and brands who need a special shade that would match the look and feel of their business. Read about Combustible ACP Cladding.

Within a very short span of time since Viva’s launch, gained its position in the top 3 brands in India. The management at VIVA has put in all their best effort and expertise to bring the brand to the forefront and serve the country with the best quality ACP cladding.