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    ACP Sheet Design For Showroom

    ACP Sheet Design For Showroom

    ACP Sheet Design | ACP Sheet design for showroom - VIVA ACP

    ACP Sheet In Showroom Design – Why Is It Important?

    The use of ACP in showroom design or ACP sheet design for the showroom has become a trend today. With the tremendous rise of the retail sector in India, a huge number of showrooms have been emerging all across the country. To attract and appeal to the modern-day customer, the showroom needs to look and feel top-notch. A beautifully decorated showroom is what brings the entire purchasing experience of the customer to life. A showroom will always remain the first and the best place for the customer to get their hands-on experience with the potential products they are buying or planning to buy. The design of the ACP is an important element to consider for showroom construction.

    ACP Cladding | Aluminium Composite Panel - VIVA ACP

    What makes Viva ACP stand out from the crowd for Showroom Design?

    We are one of the leading ACP sheets manufacturers in India with a long reputed history of over 18 years. It is trusted and selected by the Architects, Builders, and Fabricator fraternity in India as well as abroad. Viva is also equipped with 2 coil coating lines, 1st in India along with 6 production lines with a production capacity of 7 million m2 per annum and 2.5 Lakhs ft2 per day. As the company strongly believes that conserving water means conserving life, Viva has Rainwater harvesting systems to make use of rainwater to ACP production requirements and maintain the greenery in the factory.

    Our production facility at Umbergaon, Gujarat is the first ACP manufacturing unit in India that is equipped with solar panels and has an 850KW solar power generation facility to ensure continuous production. At Viva, we believe that practicing eco-friendly initiatives is a very important way of life.

    We are enabled with 60 types of equipment in our in-house laboratories to ensure that we deliver international standard products and we use Lead-free paints, certified by the IGBC to maintain a healthy environment. We also develop customized shades and cater to the requirement of our clients who need a special shade for their brand identity.

    Why use Viva’s ACPs for the Showroom Designing?

    We provide varieties of ACP designs for the showroom ( as well as ACP Cladding) as we have a variety of shades with different series to serve customers with – Corten Steel, Galaxy, Dessert, Natural Stone, Premium Marble, Elemento, Classic Sparkle, Mirror, and Premium Wood, to name a few. Viva’s ACP sheets also feature some unparalleled properties like fire retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-scratch, and self-cleaning.

    Here is why the fire retardant ACP sheet of Viva is recommended for the showroom design –  

    • Fire Retardant ACPs with the highest level of certification
    • Low Flammability – Helps safe evacuation and saves the life
    • Minimize the losses during fire occurs in the building
    • Generates low smoke and no toxic fumes
    • Zero molten droplets
    • Delays in flame spread

    Viva is associated with some reputed brand’s showrooms like KIA Motors, MG Motors, Volkswagen, KTM, Orra Diamonds, Cross, Metro, Reliance Group, McDonald’s, and much more.

    Choose from Viva’s plethora of ACP sheet designs for your showroom and also make it safe with its exceptional properties.