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    Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP Sheet) Design, Features and Uses

    ACP Sheet Design Uses and Application - VIVA ACP

    Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP Sheet) Design, Features and Uses

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    You might be familiar with Aluminium Composite panels or ACP sheet design if you are into the construction business or interiors. Also called ACP design panels or ACP Sheets, these are common building materials used in several buildings and signboards. ACP sheets are made up of two panels of thin and flat aluminium that are attached to a non-aluminium center. You are likely to counter ACPs several times a day without even realizing it. With the ACP market slated to grow to USD 177 billion by 2021, it is significant that you know a thing or two about aluminium composite panel sheets and their features.

    Features of ACP Panel

    ACP sheet comes in over forty different colours. Also, you can get them customized in design and colour according to your requirements. You can coordinate with sheet designers and architects to create a look of zinc, copper, aluminium, or stainless steel colours with ACPs.

    Although lightweight, ACPs have incredible longevity and durability compared to other building materials. Moreover, most ACP sheets brands are environment-friendly and therefore contribute to sustainable development as they are made from over eighty percent recycled aluminium material.

    Aluminium panel is also fire resistant as its core is made of fire-resistant materials. This makes this composite panel sheet ideal for the construction of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Its high tolerance and excellent tensile strength add to its splendid features. ACPs are not only stain-resistant; they are also washable and are therefore easier to maintain.

    Uses and Applications of ACP Sheet Design

    ACP cladding can be used in advertising signboards and wall cladding. Signboards made of ACPs last for an extended period. ACP Sheet design partitions and false ceilings are quite popular in the construction industry. Interior ACPs are also used for decorating interiors such as curtain cladding and covering of pillars.

    ACP sheet design | Why Choose ACPs

    Benefits of using ACP Sheets

    The most impressive elements of ACP sheet design are its low cost and longevity. The affordable price of the aluminium composite panel makes it a favourite for construction purposes. Moreover, the aluminium composite material can withstand high wind pressure. Therefore, it offers the added advantage of safety along with high durability.

    Apart from safety, durability, and affordability, aluminium composite panel sheets also come with easy maintenance and give a beautiful appearance to buildings. Since it can be washed and cleaned at any point, they also eliminate unnecessary expenditures like renovating the entire thing again.


    ACP Sheet design has revolutionized the construction sector in many ways and reduced the overall construction cost. With more innovations and improvisations expected to take place in the construction industry, the aluminium composite panel can indeed emerge as a game-changer in the construction business.