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    Pioneering Innovation: Viva ACP Construction Projects in the Oil & Gas Industry

    Viva ACP Construction Projects in the Oil & Gas Industry

    Pioneering Innovation: Viva ACP Construction Projects in the Oil & Gas Industry

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    The Indian oil and gas industry is the backbone of the Indian economy. The retail landscape oil and gas sector is dominated by major players such as IOCL, BPCL, and HPCL. With such a vital role in society, it is imperative that the infrastructure supporting this industry is not only robust but also aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. Being petrol pumps, and other retail shops a point of contact with consumers, the distinctive visual components such as signs, displays, and promotion are important. This is where the Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) come into play. Weather-resistant, fire-resistant, lightweight, versatile, and flexible, are some of the features of exterior ACP sheets that help in revolutionising facade design for signage and branding construction of facilities for leading oil and gas companies in India.

    Innovation in Public Sector Undertaking

    In the oil and gas industry, the government has the highest stake. If we quote BPCL’s former Chairman, and Managing Director, Ashok Sinha, “As a customer, petrol and diesel are products you never see, you never smell, you never touch. It’s a tertiary benefit that you’re able to travel through the use of these products. So to positively impact customers, one has to focus on services”.

    When one speaks of services, it is a collaboration of visual representation of the brand among customer touch points and retail units. To represent the customer-centric approach and visual identity of the brand, it is important to revolutionise the signages and facade of the structures in petrol pumps. ACP sheet is made of thin aluminium sheets, that are bonded non-aluminium core, these composite sheets are lightweight, durable, flexible, and easy to install, making a perfect choice for innovation and representation of quality, reliability and trustworthiness in the petrol pumps.

    Viva Bringing Brand Aesthetics At HPCL, BPCL, and IOCL

    In the pathway to enhance the corporate visual experience of leading oil and gas companies, these major players have forged a relationship with Viva as their ACP sheet supplier. The collaboration has resulted in a remarkable transformation, redefining the visual landscape of petrol pumps.


    Indian Oil Corporation and Limited is known for fueling the nation as it has the largest number of petrol pumps across the country. With over 60,000 touchpoints and 36,445 petrol pumps, their presence is from the bustling locations in metropolises to the remotest corners in India. Being present with the wrath of heat, rain, and changing weather conditions, the requirement of IOCL is to ensure the redefining of the facade design that does not require much maintenance, and that’s what we did with our customised exterior ACP sheets. ACP Sheets tested from IIT Delhi Labs, and rigorous evolution, we added the branded hues to the petrol pumps of IOCL across the nation with VA 309I Orange, VA 318I Blue, VA 515, and VA 516 shades.

    Indian Oil Logo


    The partnership between Viva and HPCL has marked the convergence of design and technology to create brand-centric facade designs which can withstand the discolouration of panels over time and corrosion, and are fire-retardant. Around 18,776 petrol pumps are revolutionalised by VIVA ACP with branded tone shades customised at our colour-coating plant. HPCL’s decision to choose VIVA was driven by the impeccable quality standards which are maintained by the company. To ensure the hues are an exact match of the brand tones, we have customised the shades VA505 Silver, VA506 White, VA507 Grey, VA508 Blue, and VA509 Red.

    HPCL Logo


    Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is redefining the signages and facade with ACP sheet. The transformation epitomizes a strategic blend of creativity, technology, and consumer-centric design, redefining how customers perceive and engage with the BPCL brand during their visits to petrol pumps. VIVA has introduced a sleek and consistent branding approach across all BPCL petrol pumps. The design elements, including logos, colour schemes, signage, and overall aesthetics, are seamlessly integrated to convey a unified and professional image, reinforcing brand recall and customer trust. Brand colours Yellow represents energy, while blue balances it, and white adds a touch of loyalty and transparency represented with our customised shades. For branding, we have customised the ACP sheet series in shades of VA513 Yellow, VA514 Blue, and VA 311 White.

    BPCL Logo

    Innovation, Design and Technology For Corporate Signages

    ACP Panels are known for being used as a canvas for branding. As stated earlier, these materials are extremely sturdy and have the ability to withstand changing weather conditions.

    Some of the features that make ACP sheet the right choice for branding in the oil and gas industry are:

    ● Strength in Every Layer

    One of the key advantages of exterior ACP sheets is their inherent strength. The aluminium sheets on the exterior provide protection against environmental elements and ensure the panels withstand challenging conditions that are commonplace in the Oil and gas sector.

    ● Safety

    Safety is paramount in the facade. ACPs are designed to meet rigorous safety standards, making them fire-resistant and highly secure. Viva has Aluminium Corrugated (FR Class A2+), fire retardant mineral core (FR Class A2, FR Class B1), which has the highest fire safety accreditation and can withstand fire propagation for up to 120 minutes, ensuring a safe environment at the petrol pumps.

    ● Endless Possibilities

    Beyond their functional advantages, ACPs offer a wide array of design options, allowing for customization to match the unique branding and aesthetic needs of corporate signages. This versatility in design, ranging from colours to finishes, empowers organizations to create structures that not only stand strong but also make a visual statement.

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    VIVA ACP: Pioneering Trust, Innovation, Reliability

    When it comes to choosing materials for branding and retail it is important to choose a supplier who understands your needs, and vision behind branding. Viva is that supplier. Our commitment to excellence is just one aspect of our identity, there are many more, such as respecting delivery timelines with 9 million sq. ft of the production unit, ensuring brand tones are unified across all retail stores with our 3 ACP colour coating facility, and ensuring none of the sheets damages the unified branding, as we provide up to 30 years of warranty.

    Viva, a leading manufacturer of Aluminum Composite Panels (ACPs), has established itself as a trusted partner in construction and renovation endeavours. Our brand collaboration includes elevating facade design at KIA’s showrooms, Hyundai, and TATA to name a few. As a market leader, we are pioneering trust, innovation and reliability in the aluminium composite panel industry.

    Know more about our latest innovations in the ACP design series,  ALZinc, an amalgamation of Aluminium with the tons of Zinc.