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ACP Sheets - Decoding Aluminium Coil Thickness

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Viva ACP sheets are available in 300+ shades and can be the answer to all of your designer needs. But have you ever wondered about the Aluminium Coil thickness and why it varies for each use case and application area? Let's solve this riddle together in this blog, where we decode the thickness of Aluminium Coils in ACP sheets and much more.
Viva Aluminium Composite Panels are available in 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm varieties. These ACP sheets are also called sandwich panels, meaning that there are separate components coming together to make one single sheet of ACP. Generally, if you dissect an ACP sheet, you will be able to see a core in the middle, often made of fire-retardant material or polyethylene material. This core is covered by two sheets of Aluminium - placed beneath and above the core. The thickness of the coil can vary between 0.25mm, 0.30mm, or 0.50mm.
Common layers in an Aluminium Composite Panel - VIVA ACP Sheet
Based on the thickness of the coil, Viva ACP sheets can be divided into specific grades that are mentioned below -

Grade 4mm ACP with 0.50mm coil thickness:

Viva ACP sheets that boast an overall thickness of 4mm, with the coil being 0.50mm thick are mostly meant for exterior applications. You can go ahead and think about using these 4mm ACP sheets in external claddings or facades. Our best seller ACP sheets from this category are being used by architects for external facade cladding vastly.

Grade  4mm ACP with 0.25mm coil thickness:

Viva ACP sheets with a 0.25mm coil thickness always have a 4mm thickness. These ACPs can be used for exterior cladding purposes. Moreover, you can also use them for interior or exterior signage and branding applications.

Grade  3mm ACP with 0.25mm coil thickness:

Made for both exterior and interior spaces, Viva ACP sheets with a coil thickness of 0.25mm but with an overall sheet/panel thickness of 3mm.

Grade  3mm ACP with 0.30mm coil thickness:

When Viva ACP sheets are made using AA3105 aluminium alloy and have an overall panel thickness of 3mm and a coil thickness of 0.30mm, then it falls under this grade. These ACPs are great for signage, external cladding, and fascia.
3mm and 4mm ACP Sheets With coil thickness

Grade HPL:

Viva ACP sheets with a panel thickness of 6mm fall under the grade HPL category, meaning that they also have a coil thickness of 0.25mm. These panels are ideal for exterior and interior applications, although we vouch for our 6mm ACP panels being fabricated along the exterior surface of low-rise bungalows for weather-proofing and beautification.
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Viva ACPs are made with aluminium coils sourced from Hindalco and are beautified with nontoxic paints from PPG, Nippon Paints, Akzo Nobel etc. Our commitment to excellence thrives on eco-friendly ventures that are sustainable to the environment and your building. Viva
Aluminium Composite Panel sheets come with numerous Green Building Products Certifications, which means our ACP panels will help you to score high LEED points for your buildings.
To find out the best ACP sheets suitable for your next project, visit our website or give us a call on our toll-free number 1800313 3770 today!