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    Aluminium Honeycomb Panel: The Biggest Leap Towards Innovation In Cladding

    Aluminium Honeycomb Panel - Viva ACP

    Aluminium Honeycomb Panel: The Biggest Leap Towards Innovation In Cladding

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    The cladding industry is driven by innovation in strength, style and safety. Manufacturers and products that epitomise these three, are more likely than others to get established as a pioneer and trendsetter in architecture. Aluminium Honeycomb Panels are one such product- a new age cladding material, these ACP panels are second to none because of their unique combination of lightweight, unmatched strength and aesthetic appeal.

    Honeycomb panel is now a product that stands at the forefront of the ongoing cladding revolution- looking like real beehives, they are renowned for their usage across various applications like buildings, public spaces, metro coaches, railway stations and airports. These honeycomb boards are sandwich panels where hexagonal aluminium honeycomb cells are bonded with two aluminium sheets. Due to being connected like an I-beam, these sheets have improved efficacy to withstand stress. The low density is a unique trait that honeycomb panels are armed with- it makes them lightweight and versatile, thus facilitating easy installation, transportation and handling across a multitude of cladding applications.

    How Is Viva Creating The Best Aluminium Honeycomb Panels In India

    Aluminium Honeycomb Panels

    Viva, a trusted ACP sheet manufacturer for the last 21 years, is a pioneer in introducing building materials that are ahead of its time. Viva’s honeycomb panel is a prime example- kept ready with a diverse range of colours, textures, finishes, thicknesses and grain, our honeycomb boards are completely 100% recyclable, fire-resistant, strong, durable and versatile.

    Prepared out of aluminium alloys AA3003, AA3105, AA5005 where the thickness of the aluminium skin typically ranges between 0.3mm and 0.8mm and the aluminium alloy’s thickness present in the honeycomb grid is between 6mm and 20mm, our ultra-modern aluminium honeycomb panels provide you with a warranty of as long as 15 years.

    Despite using the same materials as other brands, this latest product of ours is more lightweight than any you will come across. Built with a hole space in the middle to prevent air, heat and sound from passing in between the sheets, our solutions are out of the best aluminium honeycomb panels in India that stand out from the rest due to their heat and sound insulation.

    As a whole, each aluminium honeycomb panel made by us is available in two thicknesses- 12mm and 25mm. Fitted with India’s first 3-coat 3-bake line, our ACPs and aluminium honeycomb panels are ready to be purchased in 300+ surface designs and 21 product series. Prepared with Korean state-of-the-art technology and coils procured from HindalCo, Viva’s aluminium honeycomb panels have unmatched durability and wear and tear resistance that provide structural integrity unmatched by any.

    How Can An Architect or A Builder Benefit From It?

    Adding depth, character and strength to your architecture, here’s how our aluminium honeycomb panels can add benefit an architect or a builder:

    Unmatched Strength and Durability:

    Equipped with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, Viva produces the best aluminium honeycomb panels in India due to their exceptional strength, durability, and capability to withstand all kinds of environmental conditions. This makes these honeycomb boards a favourite cladding option for all builders and architects alike for applications such as interior and exterior facades and ceilings of buildings, metro coaches, railways, airports and more.

    Possibilities In Innovation:

    Supplying excellent aesthetic improvement, the sleek and modern design of these panels coupled with the huge variety of customisation options that we provide unlocks the complete creative strength of architects and builders. These ACP panels are one of the only cladding products that can be played with in terms of creativity and innovation, as they have the potential to uplift any space with their touch of elegance and sophistication.

    Thermal and Sound Insulation:

    As mentioned before, Viva honeycomb panel is completely immune to any outside heat and sound effects. This increases the comfort and the energy efficiency of any architecture. Besides, these features also massively contribute to green building construction practices, thus emerging as a top choice for builders and architects to try their hands at.

    Ease of Installation:

    It may seem that these ACP sheets are incredibly difficult to install because of several features they entail. But, on the contrary, these panels due to their lightweight facilitate smooth installation, thereby also mitigating installation cost and time.

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    The Epitome Of Strength, Style and Safety In The Cladding Business

    The biggest leap towards innovation, Viva’s Aluminium Honeycomb Panels are a much superior solution for architects, builders, household owners and all other stakeholders in the construction industry due to their all-encompassing characteristics that cater to strength, safety and style like no other product in the construction world. An ingenious innovation by Viva that balances form and function perfectly, they enhance the stability and stiffness of a piece of architecture, while at the same time empowering architects, designers and engineers to push the creative boundaries of cladding aesthetics.