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As real estate is spurging up, more and more architects and designers are focussing on green construction and sustainable architecture. One of the materials which became popular in the late 1900s was composite panels. The material has gone through a lot of innovation over the years, one of the newest innovations in composite panels is the aluminium honeycomb panel.

What Is a Honeycomb Panel?

The aluminium honeycomb panel is a metal composite panel, which consists of a honeycomb board, inspired by a natural honeycomb hexagon. 100% recyclable, reusable, and flexible are some of the several advantages of the panel, along with being environmentally friendly. The hexagonal honeycomb board is connected with the aluminium skin in the form of I-beams, which adds superior strength and flatness to the panel. The panels are extensively used in transportation systems like metro and train coaches, aerospace engineering, and elevating building facades. The reason behind the raging popularity of the material is its fire-retardant properties. As VIVA’s honeycomb panel eliminates the use of thermoplastic in the core, the panel becomes a safer solution for a range of applications. Also check: Fire Retardant ACP Sheets: The Need Of The Hour

Some major advantages of Aluminium Honeycomb Panels are:


Aluminium Honeycomb Panels are lightweight and have a very low density. Because of the structure's stability and lightweight, it can be used in aerospace engineering.

High Efficacy

The honeycomb panels have a distinct structure and are connected to one another in the same way as I-beams are connected. This connects and supports each of the skins above and below it, allowing it to withstand extreme stress. This serves to enhance inertia, which in turn helps to improve overall stability and rigidity.
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Sound and Heat Insulation

While aluminium is heat and sound conductor, its unique structure makes it a good heat and sound insulator. The hexagonal cellular structure has a hole spacing that takes up the majority of the space. The air level in these sheets is lower, inhibiting airflow and preventing heat or sound from passing through. Because of its heat and sound insulation capabilities, it can be utilised almost anywhere applicable.
Ceilings, facades, Metro coaches, railway stations, airports, and other applications may all benefit from the aluminium honeycomb panel.
Today, finding an Aluminium honeycomb panel is easy but a qualitative one is difficult. VIVA, being one of the leading producers in the Indian ACP industry, consistently produces the finest of the best, without compromising quality.


Side Length of Honeycomb Grid (a) 6mm 7.5mm 20mm
Honeycomb Cell Size (D) 3/8" 1/2" 11/8"
Honeycomb Cell Size (D) 9.5mm 12.7mm 35mm
Honeycomb Foil Thickness 0.04mm ~ 0.08mm
(Customised Specifications Available on Request)  
Top Coil AA 3003, AA 5005 H16, H24
Honeycomb Core AA 3003 H16
(Customised Available on Request)  
Top Coil Thickness - C1 1mm, 0.7mm
Bottom Coil Thickness - C2 1mm, 0.7mm
Panel Width 1220mm
Panel Length 2440mm, 3050mm, 3660mm
Panel Thickness - T 12mm 25mm
Weight(kg/m2) 4 4.5
(Customised Available on Request)  
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