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    Aluminium Honeycomb Panel – Choose What’s Best For You !

    Aluminium Honeycomb Panel – Choose What’s Best For You - Viva ACP

    Aluminium Honeycomb Panel – Choose What’s Best For You !

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    With the rapid development of the economy, all types of high-end and high-rise structures are springing up around the world. Green construction materials, such as aluminium wall panels and aluminium honeycomb panels, are widely used in high-end structures.

    Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is a sandwich panel inspired by a natural hexagonal honeycomb. It is 100% recyclable and reusable, making it environmentally beneficial. Also because of their fire-retardant properties, they are the safer option. The greatest quality-control measures include testing with modern technology, and the Aluminium Honeycomb panel from the house of VIVA comes with a 15-year warranty.

    When compared to other materials of the same volume, VIVA’s Aluminium Honeycomb Panels have a unique structure that makes them lightweight. It also improves the rigidity and stability of the body.

    Fluorocarbon or polyester coatings are typically applied on aluminium honeycomb panel surfaces. Because of its weather ability and self-cleaning capabilities, fluorocarbon coatings are commonly utilised on outdoor wall panels, whilst polyester coatings are typically deployed on interior wall panels.

    Some major advantages of Aluminium Honeycomb Panels are:


    Aluminium Honeycomb Panels are lightweight and have a very low density. Because of the structure’s stability and lightweight, it can be used in aerospace engineering.

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    High Efficacy

    The honeycomb panels have a distinct structure and are connected to one another in the same way as I-beams are connected. This connects and supports each of the skins above and below it, allowing it to withstand extreme stress. This serves to enhance inertia, which in turn helps to improve overall stability and rigidity.

    Sound and Heat Insulation

    While aluminium is a heat and sound conductor, its unique structure makes it a good heat and sound insulator. The hexagonal cellular structure has a hole spacing that takes up the majority of the space. The air level in these sheets is lower, inhibiting airflow and preventing heat or sound from passing through. Because of its heat and sound insulation capabilities, it can be utilised almost anywhere applicable.

    Ceilings, facades, Metro coaches, railway stations, airports, and other applications may all benefit from the aluminium honeycomb panel.

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    Today, finding an Aluminium honeycomb panel is easy but a qualitative one is difficult. VIVA, being one of the leading producers in the Indian ACP industry, consistently produces the finest of the best, without compromising quality.

    To know more about the Aluminium Honeycomb Panels, get in touch with us on our toll-free number 1800 313 3770 or drop your mail at [email protected]. Also, click here to know more about VIVA. So what are you waiting for?