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    Honeycomb Panel

    Aluminium Honeycomb Panel


    Experience the voguish and modern design with Viva’s Honeycomb Aluminium Panels. The honeycomb panel of Viva is inspired by a natural hexagonal honeycomb structure that is 100% recyclable and reusable. This makes the sheets a sustainable choice for the environment. The fire-retardant properties of Viva’s honeycomb aluminum panel make it a safer option to envelope the buildings.

    Honeycomb Aluminium Panel | Honeycomb Sheet | Honeycomb Boards - VIVA ACP

    The sheets have PVDF Coating. The sheets undergo the stringent testing procedure in Viva’s high-tech manufacturing unit to provide a 10-year warranty on the honeycomb panel. 

    About VIVA Honeycomb Aluminium Panels


    Viva’s honeycomb aluminium panel is different from other leading brands despite using the same materials but it is lighter in weight. Because of the rigidity and stability of these panels, they are also used in aerospace engineering.

    Viva’s Honeycomb Aluminium Panels | Honeycomb Boards - VIVA ACP

    The structure of the panels is like any other Aluminium Panel Sheet (ACP sheet) from the outside, while the interior has a hexagonal shape where the panels are connected in the same way I-beam are connected.


    Table 1:

    Technical Properties

    Alloy Top & Bottom Aluminium Sheet AA3003/AA3105/ AA5005 / AA 3105
    Elasticity Modulus N/mm2 70000
    Tensile Strength N/mm2 Min. 115
    Proof Stress N/mm2 Min. 70
    Elongation A50 Min 2%
    Coating PVDF/FEVE
    Top Skin 0.7mm/ 0.50 mm
    Bottom Skin 0.5 mm
    Core Alloy AA3003 / AA5005
    Compressive Strength N/mm2 1.22
    Density Kg/m3 45


    Table 2:

    Aluminium Honeycomb Panels

    Sr. No. Description Properties
    1 Cover sheet

    a Alloy 3003/3105/5005
    b Thickness 12mm/25mm
    2 Honey Comb
    Thickness 23.8mm/ 11mm/ 10.8mm


    Cell Size 9.5mm/12.7mm

    Foil thickness

    0.05mm/ 0.07mm
    Alloy 3003/5005/ 3105
    3 Total Panel Thickness 12mm/25mm
    4 Panel Dimensions
    a Width 1220mm / 1250mm/1500mm
    b Length 2000mm-6000mm



    • The sheets have very low density making them lightweight.
    • The sheets are connected like an I-beam that enhances its efficacy to withstand extreme stress.
    • It has heat and sound insulation. The hexagonal structure of the sheets has a hole space in the middle that inhibits airflow and prevents heat or sound from passing between the sheets.
    • Viva’s honeycomb panel has an excellent sturdy shape and resilient properties.


    Application Areas

    The application areas of Viva’s ACP sheet designs are ceilings, facades, Metro coaches, railway stations, and airports. It exhibits an exemplary artistic look suitable for both interior and exterior.