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    Unveiling the Versatility: The Application of Aluminium Composite Panels

    Versatility of Aluminium Composite Panel

    Unveiling the Versatility: The Application of Aluminium Composite Panels

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    In the era of modern construction, design matters the most. Be it malls, resorts, retreat centres, restaurants, airports, or residential buildings, the aesthetic appeal and functional strength of construction are important factors in increasing the value of any building today! One of the materials which has revolutionised the change in how we perceive a construction’s design is the Aluminium Composite Panel, also known as ACP Sheets.

    If we delve into this new-age cladding material there is no material as flexible as ACP, and it can give birth to designs which are either too difficult or impossible with other cladding materials. Its lightweight, flexibility, ease of installation feature, and scratch & dust resistance make  ACP sheet cladding, the facade of today!

    Due to its incredible features, it has become THE ULTIMATE CLADDING MATERIAL in interior, exterior, signage, modular kitchen, roofing, etc. The versatility of ACP sheets peaks with VIVA ACP. We have been in the industry for over two decades, and in these two decades, we made ourselves a market leader by pushing the limits of innovation in design, technology and capacity. Let’s get into the blog and know how ACP sheet is transforming the Skyline of India and the world!

    ACP in Malls

    ACP Panel For Malls - Viva ACP

    In the dynamic space of retail, first impressions are everything! ACP adorns the space with a contemporary and minimalist finish, creating an inviting ambience that draws in shoppers. Its lightweight nature and ease of fabrication make it an ideal choice for crafting dynamic exteriors that resonate with the brand identity of the mall. For elevating the exterior and interior of malls, VIVA ACP offers limitless design possibilities enhancing architects to unleash their creativity and transform urban spaces with malls that are symbolic to contemporary architecture.

    Aluminium Composite Panel Sheet in Hospitals

    ACP Panel Sheet in Hospitals - Viva ACP

    Hospitals have been an integral part of India’s developing infrastructure. With modern and more advanced hospitals coming into place, the architecture must convey the same. ACP sheet has adorned hospitals to elevate the form and also add functional benefits.
    One of the major features that hospitals look for in cladding material is, that it must subdue the sounds of traffic and outside noise entering the hospitals. Another is it must be fire retardant for the safety of patients, and lastly, it should help in reducing the heat entering the building to keep a calm and cooling environment inside. Viva ACP Sheet serves all these features.

    Viva ACP sheet comes in a range of combustible and non-combustible ACP cores. We have the highest safety grade for our fire-retardant range which can prevent flame penetration up to 2 hours! Other than that our ACP sheets are tested for sound insulation and heat insulation to reduce the maximum impact of noise pollution and heat entering the building.

    ACP Wall Cladding for Corporate Branding

    ACP Wall Cladding for Corporate Branding - Viva ACP

    Corporate identities are etched not just in logos but also in the physical space they inhabit. The interior and exterior of any retail outlet a brand should symbolise the brand’s uniqueness. This is why, choosing cladding material for corporate branding should ensure it does not fade its shine over time, the hues and tones exactly match the brand’s tones & texture. Viva lends a touch of sophistication and professionalism to corporate branding, leaving a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders. With a spectrophotometer, we ensure the tones match the brand colours, and with our stringent testing and quality inspection, we ensure the sheet does not fade over time.

    Acoustic Insulation With ACP in Cinema Halls

    Acoustic Insulation With ACP in Cinema Halls - Viva ACP

    Viva ACP finds its place in cinemas, where it adorns the interiors with its lustrous finishes and acoustic properties. From feature wall to ceiling panels, the aluminium composite panel from Viva ACP enhances the acoustic, ensuring optimal sound quality within the auditorium. Its lightweight construction facilitates easy installation, minimizing downtime during renovations or new constructions. With Viva ACP, cinemas become more than just venues for screenings; they transform into cinematic sanctuaries that captivate audiences.

    Elevating Design in Residential Spaces

    Residential Cladding

    Today, residents seek spaces that reflect their lifestyle and aspirations, in that aesthetic and functionality play a key role. Viva ACP sheet offers a myriad of possibilities, from elevating the exterior to embellishing interiors cladding solutions can accentuate any space with low maintenance. The starking features like weather resistance and ease of installation simplify the process of elevating the aesthetics for the homeowners. Whether it is a contemporary facade or an accent wall in the living room, Viva ACP adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to residential spaces, redefining the concept of modern living.

    ACP Panel Sheet in Educational Institution

    ACP Panel Sheet in Educational Institution | Viva ACP

    The commercial space is invigorating with contemporary and sleek designs. Spaces like educational institutes where aesthetics play a crucial role in shaping a learning environment that inspires creativity and innovation. Be it playful designs like metal abstract series, or adding depth to the architecture with  fluted mirage ACP panel, or shades inspired from Santa Fe, Unesco’s first creative city, the scope of transformation is endless.

    Other than that, the thermal insulation properties contribute to energy saving, reducing the carbon footprint of educational institutions and the sound insulation helps to create a silent environment that helps the student to focus. From classroom interiors to exterior facades, Viva ACP transforms educational institutes into vibrant hubs of knowledge and discovery.

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    VIVA ACP- Redefining Beauty of Modern Construction

    Viva ACP with its range of aluminium composite panels ensures creativity and innovation in every construction. The panels have up to 30 years of warranty, are certified by Thomas Bell Wright Institution, come in over 300+ colours, and can be 100% customised making it the choice across sectors in architecture. From malls and hospitals to corporate offices, cinemas, residential spaces, and educational institutes, Viva ACP leaves an indelible mark, enriching the built environment with its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal.