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Viva's World Domination- The Biggest Exporter of ACP Sheets

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An aluminium composite panel is a versatile product that finds its application for structural and design upgradation. This flat panel features a thin recycled polyethylene core along with an aluminium sheet, making it an excellent choice for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.
Viva had its stepping stone 20 years ago in Mumbai, which became the pioneer in the ACP industry. By setting a benchmark in the ACP industry with great ambition and perfection in design, Viva has become one of the world's most popular ACP sheet brands. In the ACP sheet industry, we are bringing evolution from our manufacturing units in Umbergaon, Gujarat, and 6 high-tech Korean machines.
The international market for ACP sheets is booming. According to the report, the market for ACP sheets will grow at a CAGR of 6% till 2025. The growing application will drive the sale of ACP sheets to insulate buildings. As the growth in the construction industry is increasing in Asian and African countries, Viva is providing quality materials that designers and builders choose to enhance the structural strength and beauty of a building.
As you already know, Viva is the leading brand in India. It's time to understand how Viva is the right choice in the international market.

The Benefit of Viva ACP Sheets

The Benefit of Viva's ACP Sheets

ACP Sheet Is Weatherproof

Exports are made to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Qatar, and Vietnam, where temperatures are quite different from those in India. To curb this, we manufacture ACP sheets that remain unaffected by sand storms in desert areas and can withstand high moisture in the air. The panels resist damage and keep the shine intact for years even after coming across tough conditions.

Lightweight To Transport

One of the major benefits of transporting ACP sheets is that they fall under the lightweight category. Aluminium is 60% lighter than steel and way much lighter than iron. It saves transportation costs and makes sheets affordable in the international market.

Maintenance And Servicing Are Quite Easy

As a leading ACP sheet manufacturer, Viva uses technology and quality equipment that hardly requires servicing and maintenance. It requires cleaning once a year, if it is in a coastal area, or low-rainfall area, and twice a year if it is in a heavy-rainfall area. With the help of water and a sponge, you can maintain the end of an ACP sheet for years.

 Versatility In Designs

Viva brings flamboyance into the design, by categorizing the panels on the basis of different hues and textures. Viva has over 300+ designs that can transform any building into a magnificent structure. Wooden ACP series, galaxy series, natural stone, and classic sparkle, as some of the designs that add elegance to the exterior and interior facade.

Complete Customization 

Viva is a brand that takes design to another level, by offering complete customization to consumers. Viva provides factory-cut panels of the appropriate size to be fitted rightly on the walls or metal frame. Apart from size customization, Viva offers customization in colors, to bring authentic and unique designs to the construction industry. 

Viva in International Market

In the revolution of modern design, Viva stands as the trustable and reliable source for buying ACP sheets across the world. We manufacture ACP sheets which can be utilized for an exterior facade, interior cladding, false ceilings, partitions, and signage. Get to know more about our exports by mailing us at