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Breathe in the Beauty with VIVA’s Louvers

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Your building is designed to enable a variety of enhancements that improve its functionality. Some of these, like the gutters and downspouts, aid in water drainage to stop moisture buildup in a building's structure and foundation. The air quality and comfort for everyone within the building are improved by other elements like vents and windows, which assist in the movement of air throughout the building. Louvers are employed in buildings' to provide adequate ventilation while simultaneously providing resistance to rainfall, excessive noise, hurricane-type winds, or a combination of these concerns. However, not only the functional value, but louvers also add an aesthetic appeal to your building.
A sophisticated range of fluted panels that exude style and modernity. Louvers, a unique confluence of nature and technology, provide a better, more durable, and cost-effective alternative to real wood panelling. Buildings that are exposed to sunshine all day long can benefit greatly from louvers, a contemporary cladding solution. Your living rooms will take on a stunning beauty while maximising daylight. Louvers add the natural and exquisite beauty of wood to your buildings.
Some architectural concepts enable a building's façade to provide natural ventilation so that the building can "breathe." Most buildings have Louvers systems installed to provide a smoother air intake and exhaust as well as greater protection against rain and noise intrusion. However, engineers and architects can use louvers in a variety of ways. They can also be utilised as an inexpensive yet attractive architectural feature for building facades, or as a simple yet effective screening solution for structures to conceal unattractive equipment.
With 2 decades of illustrious consistency, ingenuity and quality, VIVA has come up with its new range of interior and exterior louvers designed to provide atypical building cladding solutions for architects, design firms, and developers. VIVA, the largest manufacturer of Louvers, has committed to creating premium buildings with a breathtaking appearance that sets each one apart from the ordinary.
VIVA Louvers have been designed to be nothing short of exquisite, for those who want to be surrounded by architectural elegance. Made to fit your taste, this range is the perfect way to add a personal touch and sprinkle of sophistication to your home or office.
Benefits of Louvers:
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to Install
  • Waterproof
  • Termite Proof
  • Cost-effective
  • 100% Maintenance free
  • Ready to Use
  • Wide Range of Colors
  • Highly Durable
  • Fire Retardant
  • No Polishing
  • Customizable
Without the worry of distortion, breaking, discolouration, or going bad, VIVA Louver can be utilised to adorn any Interior walls & Ceilings in homes, workplaces, hotels, hospitals, educational establishments, health clubs, recreation facilities, etc. Our louvers can also be used as gate paneling, fencing and railing, canopy, balcony cladding, and roof cladding as well.
Spruce up your dream space with the choicest collection of VIVA’s Louvers.
The “oh so eye-catching!” reddish brown shade of Mahogany hues have cool and warm undertones, that make your exterior look aesthetically, please. VIVA’s VA- 481 Mahogany Premium shade Louver is the choicest selection for your building exterior. Also, try our other shades of Louvers, VA-377- Red Wenge Wood, VA- 396- Teak Wood and VA- 561- Golden Cedar Texture for your exterior.
VA- 481 Mahogany Premium
VA-377- Red Wenge Wood
VA-377- Red Wenge Wood
VA- 396- Teak Wood
VA- 396- Teak Wood
VA- 561- Golden Cedar Texture
VA- 561- Golden Cedar Texture
The golden brown with a reddish tint, the New Rose Wood is a natural-looking colour that speaks of wide-open desert spaces. Deck up your dream interior with VIVA’s VA-383 New Rose Wood louver. Also, try VA-486 Smoke Tinyo Premium for your interior that can impart elegance.
VA-383 New Rose Wood
VA-383 New Rose Wood
VA-486 Smoke Tinyo Premium
VA-486 Smoke Tinyo Premium
You can now clad your roof with the goodness and aesthetics of naturally looking wood with VIVA’s VA-399R Plain Teak Rustic Louver.
VA-399R Plain Teak Rustic
VA-399R Plain Teak Rustic
If the subtle wooden colour palates amaze you, then this one is for you. VIVA’s VA-582 Chic Paradigm Louver is especially designed for your fencing which can definitely make your guests awestruck at a glance.
VA-582 Chic Paradigm
VA-582 Chic Paradigm
Check our other collections of Louvers here
VA 483 Smoke Berlinia Premium
VA-483 Smoke Berlinia Premium
%file VA 541 Metallic Oak Rustic
VA-541 Metallic Oak Rustic
%file VA 581 Volcanic Oak
VA-581 Volcanic Oak
If you are looking for premium quality cladding to transform your space’s interior or exterior, look no further than VIVA, a leading manufacturer of ACP sheets and Louvers. To know more, log on to or drop your query at