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Case Study: Phoenix Mall of Asia At Bangalore Looks Ethereal With Viva ACP

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In our recent Project Milestones, Viva ACP has collaborated with one of the most sought-after malls in India, The Phoenix Mall of Asia.

Located in Hebbel, North Bengaluru, Mall of Asia is known to be India’s first luxury mall consisting of various global and local brands that offer one-of-a-kind shopping and leisure experiences to shoppers. Designed by RSP Architects, the mall’s design is spectacular to look at and each floor looks straight out of a painting! What makes the mall alluring is the impeccable facade added to the construction. Customised, vibrant and unique…and this is where we come in!

Our collaboration with Mall of Asia was to provide customised ACP sheets of FR grade Class A2, and Class B. At the heart of the collaboration was to provide a captivating facade that can elevate every corner of the mall to a realm of aesthetic brilliance. Let’s go through the conversation with the facade consultant Mr Manjunath Shetty (MD. Envelopetechnik Facade Consultancy LLP) who has helped us to meet expectations during our collaboration with the Mall Of Asia Project.

Choosing Viva ACP: A Decision Rooted in Excellence
When selecting a partner for the Mall of Asia project, Envelopetechnik Facade Consultancy LLP turned to Viva ACP based on our proven track record of excellence. Having experienced Viva’s exceptional support and commitment to quality in previous collaborations, the decision was clear.

As per the conversation we had with Mr Manjunath Shetty, they were looking for an ACP sheet manufacturer who is able to meet the project requirements that involve handling larger sheets, have colour customisation options, and can meet timely deliveries. When we asked, “What factors led you to choose Viva ACP for the Mall of Asia Project?” he answered; that what made Viva stand out is their commitment to unwavering excellence that is not only depicted through their customised solution, and proactive approach to meet timely deliveries, but also through their test certificates which were readily available for technical approval.

Seamless Installation and Continuous Support
Proper Installation by Viva ACP

As the Mall of Asia began to take shape into a marvellous structure, it was Viva’s expertise that proved indispensable. While the artisans have brought the vision into execution during installation, it was the consistent quality of Viva ACP sheets that led Envelopetechnik to witness a symphony of precision and finesse in installation. According to the team of Envelopetechnik, “they have not received any hiccups or setbacks while the facade unfurled seamlessly, it was a testament to Viva’s dedication to perfection”.

Unleashing Creativity Through Design and Color Mastery
The Mall of Asia project demanded a high level of creativity and customisation that Viva has provided. With national and international brands under one big shopping complex, Mall of Asia demanded unique architectural intent and specific aesthetic expectations that included a mix of ACP colours, shingles, and extruded bands. To meet the design expectations, Viva had the right technology and manufacturing capability. We met the expectations with our 3-colour coating plant that has 3bake technology and spectrophotometer technology. Our spectrophotometer technology has helped us to match the exact samples and produce supplies with the desired colour consistency.

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Exceeding Expectations: The Viva ACP Difference
In our collaboration with Envelopetechnik team for facade we have not only met expectations with our test reports and consistent quality but also exceeded expectations. According to the team of Envelopetechnik “As a key player in the success story of the Mall of Asia, Viva ACP’s contribution is undeniable, shaping an architectural masterpiece that captivates and inspires.” Viva ACP not only is a market leader when it comes to meeting aesthetic expectations, but also meets and exceeds expectations with remarkable characteristics in the ACP panel such as fire safety requirements, uniform thickness, and up to 30 years of warranty, further exceeding our satisfaction with the product.

In the bustling landscape of modern India, the Phoenix Mall of Asia stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and innovation. At its core lies a partnership fueled by creativity, collaboration, and a shared commitment to excellence. Viva ACP’s role in this journey exemplifies dedication to push the boundaries of design and engineering, ensuring that every project leaves a lasting impression. As the Mall of Asia continues to enchant visitors with its ethereal beauty, we remain proud to have played a part in bringing this vision to life, one panel at a time.