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Composite Aluminium Sheet: The Facade of Tallest Skyscraper

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Major cities around the world are noticing a rise in the rate of sky-high buildings. Keeping up with the pace, there is also an increasing demand for building materials for facades. Aluminium Composite Panels or ACPs are new-age building materials that are mainly used for exterior cladding purposes and facades on buildings.
Composite aluminium sheet has changed the way that the general perception of sustainable building and aesthetic building materials. Yet, it may make you wonder if they are suitable for skyscrapers. Does it last for too long? Or, does it have the capability to withstand extreme temperatures? Well, all such doubts are cleared when there are several incredible structures around the world that use the material.

Tallest Buildings and ACP

Today the market for aluminium composite panels is mostly concentrated in south-east Asian countries, North America, the Middle East, and the east African regions. And among the most stunning applications of this new-age building material is evident in several stunning architectures around the world.
The Burj Al Arab, an icon in the global hospitality sector has made use of a combination of aluminium composite panels and glass for the front elevation. The custom white aluminium composite panels, coated in resin safeguard the facade from salt and wind.
Among other tall buildings that have used composite aluminium sheets for their facades include the Empire State Building in New York, USA. Aluminium spandrels which are insulated aluminium composite panels are used in the exterior facades as well as the interior ceilings. The flexible materials accompanied by the designs shield the cladding from cracking under wind-induced movement. These panels also give the building a distinctive style and look.
Another example of creative and functional usage of composite aluminium sheets is in the exterior facade of the Commerzbank Building in Frankfurt, Germany. This tallest building in Germany uses anodised aluminium rain screen panel cladding. The facade not only provides structural support but also offers natural ventilation to the world’s first ‘ecological office tower’.

Why Skyscrapers Benefit from Aluminium Composite Panels

The primary reasons for their popularity include their durability, aesthetic appeal, and ease of installation.
Composite Aluminium Sheet: Used in Tallest Skyscraper

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

ACPs are lightweight materials which makes them easier to transport and install on construction sites. This can save time and money during the construction process, without adding much weight to the structures.

Durability is Prime

Aluminium is highly durable and resistant to corrosion. This means these panels can last for long periods in different temperatures, without needing frequent maintenance or replacement. The durability makes these panels suitable for exterior cladding in buildings of all sizes.

Energy Efficiency

ACPs are designed to improve the energy efficiency of a building by reducing heat gain and loss. Made of polyethylene core, which is a great insulator, ACPs help reduce heating and cooling costs by keeping buildings cooler in hot temperatures and warmer in winter.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aluminium composite panels come in a range of finishes and colours, which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building's exterior. They can also be easily customised to create intricate designs and patterns, as per the need of the buildings.


Since aluminium is a highly recyclable material, these panels are also recyclable. At the end of their useful lifespan, ACP panels can be recycled. This reduces the environmental impact of a building to a great extent.


Composite aluminium sheet offer a versatile and durable facade material that can withstand the unique challenges that tall buildings encounter. Because of being lightweight, durable, versatile, and aesthetic in appearance, the use of aluminium composite panels has made it an ideal choice for architects, designers, and builders.
So, if you are looking for these modern-day cladding materials, we got you! Viva offers an elaborate range of 300+ variations in colour, texture, and patterns of Aluminium composite panels. Our ACP sheets are available in bold shades, varied thicknesses, and fire-retardant cores, along with anti-scratch, and anti-bacterial properties. These leave no room for doubt that our aluminium composite panels are ideal for creating unique architectural designs on tall building.
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