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Viva Copper Aluminium Sheet: Building Timeless Future With Copper

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Have you ever seen the Statue of Liberty? It’s green, right? Well, what if I told you it was golden-red and turned green over time? Made of copper, this structure turned green as it reacted with oxygen in the air—a look we all witness today! However, this didn't happen overnight; it took 30 years. This process is known as oxidation, the metamorphosis of turning copper into green. It's a phenomenon that adds elegance to the copper over time and protects it from crumbling due to damage.
This feature has fascinated architects, designers, and fabricators over time. Some of the prominent Greek, Roman, and Indian architecture extensively used copper to fabricate panels, protecting structures from the wrath of wind, pollution, and changing weather.
Welcome to the ushering new era of technology, where we combine elements from traditional architecture and blend them with materials that comply with the needs of modern architecture. This brings a product for architects and designers of today. In the pursuit of creating a new product that inherits the qualities of copper and addresses contemporary architectural needs, Viva proudly introduces Copper-Infused Aluminium Sheets—known as Copper Aluminium sheets.

What is a Copper Aluminium Sheet?

The aluminium sheet is a highly preferable sheet for the façade the upper layer consists of a copper coil and with the layer below contains of Aluminium coil. This material is designed for building facades, both for interior and exterior applications, column cladding, and retail branding.

Standing Through the Test of Time: Copper Aluminium Sheet

From being used in ancient Egyptian architecture to the temples of India, there are numerous instances where copper is used as a facade material, elevating the architecture. This long-lasting architectural feature is a testament to its ability to resist damage from water, heat, and moisture in the air over time. Being antimicrobial and durable enough to last for centuries, here are some properties of the Copper Aluminium Sheet that make it the future of facades in modern architecture.

Bringing Aesthetic Tones into Design

The reddish-brown colour with an orange undertone in the newly installed piece will vouch for aesthetics and sophistication. Copper has a natural propensity to age gracefully, evolving through distinct phases over time. From its initial bright and reflective state, it gradually transforms into a subtle, weathered appearance. As it continues to age, a distinguished patina develops, highlighting its journey and adding to its character.
Copper Cladding

The Phases of Copper Aging

  • The red-orange, pliable nature of the freshly manufactured sheets: When copper is first exposed to air, it flaunts a captivating glossy finish reflecting the vibrancy of its surroundings.
  • The Metamorphosis: As copper is exposed to air, it undergoes oxidation (a process where metals come in contact with oxygen molecules), beginning a natural transformation, and embracing a subtle weathering process that bestows a rustic charm.
  • Green Hues of Patina: The rich red-orange colour transforms over time to green, known as the Patina of Copper, which tells the story of the sophistication and endurance of the panel.
Understanding each of the phases, we have launched a range of shades that reveal the surface patterns of copper.
The Virtues of Copper


If you are in the construction industry, you must know that copper is one of the most sought-after metals for outdoor use. The properties of copper make it durable and resistant to weather changes, allowing the panels to stand the test of time for thousands of years. As mentioned above, the Statue of Liberty, which has been exposed to rough sea waves from the North Atlantic Ocean, drastic weather changes, and pollution, yet remains one of the most astounding statues in the world.
Moreover, the antimicrobial property of copper makes it a superior choice for a facade, as it can resist damage from microbes and mold easily.


The Copper Aluminium Sheet has the highest grade of fire safety. As copper has a high melting point of 1085 degrees Celsius, while aluminium, the metal below, has a melting point of 660 degrees Celsius, flame penetration is difficult. To increase its level of safety when applied as facade material in high-rise buildings, we have ensured it has an FR A1 grade safety, the highest level of safety rating in the construction industry.

Lifetime Warranty

Copper hardly degrades over time. The properties of this metal protect it, allowing it to stand the test of time, hence adding a lifetime warranty to the construction. The metamorphosis of Copper is also known as the 'living facade' as it is always in a state of transformation and adapts well to its surroundings. The aluminium below the panel enhances its strength and durability, preventing damage due to weather, humidity, rain, and pollution.

Versatility in Application

As Copper is extremely ductile and flexible, these panels can be shaped into any form, allowing versatility in application. Viva has launched a range of Copper Aluminium Sheet sizes, which can be used in interiors, exteriors, and signage boards.
  • 1mm Sheet: This contains 0.1mm Copper and 0.9mm Aluminium.
  • 2mm Sheet: A blend of 0.2mm Copper and 1.8mm Aluminium.
  • 3mm Sheet: A combination of 0.3mm Copper and 2.7mm Aluminium.
The difference in the amount of aluminium and Copper defines its durability, flexibility, and weathering properties. Make sure you understand the differences well from the ACP sheet dealer before installing it as a facade.

Viva: Leading Innovation in Metal Composite Panel

With our Copper Aluminium Sheet, we aim to provide architects, builders, and designers with a versatile material that echoes the timeless beauty of Copper while integrating seamlessly with the contemporary world. The infusion of copper with the functionality of aluminium not only amplifies the visual appeal but also enhances the material's longevity, promising a façade that ages gracefully like copper itself.
At Viva, we believe in pushing the boundaries of design and innovation from our cutting-edge manufacturing unit. Copper Aluminium Panel is part of our metal composite series that pushes the boundaries of sustainable construction.