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Corten Steel exterior construction material

Corten Steel- The Futuristic Material For Exterior Construction

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The rich crimson colour and dramatic texture make COR-TEN steel different from other wall cladding materials. Taking inspiration from CORTEN steel, House of Viva became the first ACP sheet manufacturer in India to introduce the COR-TEN steel shade. The hues are an ode to the original textures, and the specifications are similar to the ACP sheet.
Materials make the core of the building, and architects have always preferred flexible and long-lasting materials, which is why Corten steel and mild steel have always been the first choice among architects. It didn't rust, as the panels go through weathering, and form a layer of patina on the sheets. Corten steel has a range of benefits and a fair share of disadvantages. To name a few, the material was exorbitant, heavyweight, and difficult to install, moreover, it took months to panel the front of a building.
This is why Viva introduced an Aluminium panel sheet with Corten Steel coating as its shade. In the blog, we will discuss what makes it different from other shades, and why architects must include this in modern buildings.

Benefits of Corten Steel Shades

Creates A Vintage Aesthetic

The application of the corten steel shade, gives a grave implication of earthy tones, as the panels available in corten steel tinctures are reddish brown shade throwing the look of Rustic Iron. Including it in modern architecture, adds a tint of vintage, and creates a rustic and warm look.

 Sustainability At Its Best

Corten steel is one of ACP sheet shades that make the panel environmentally friendly. The panels give thermal protection when added as an exterior facade. It can reduce electricity bills, as the requirement for the heater and AC decreases due to temperature control inside. Moreover, these panels are made with a recycled polyethylene core, and aluminium alloy, making them a sustainable choice for construction.

 Makes The Building Fire Safe

We provide FR Grade core in Corten Steel Shade. Viva has developed a new generation of fire-resistant aluminium composite panels that caters to fire protection. Ultra-modern technology and with years of research and a specific core is manufactured which helps in fire protection. Magnesium hydroxide, aluminium Trihydroxide, are the core components, which are halogen-free and inorganic. With different fire retardant grades, these panels add a high level of safety to buildings, making them fire-safe.

Metal Abstract Shades

Corten steel falls under the Metal Abstract shade, as the design and hue are similar to the metal abstract series. The CORTEN STEEL Shade reflects the beauty of weathering in the panels when it comes in contact with an atmospheric condition or with other metals.


The shade has a blend of reddish brown, inspired by the slow rusting of iron, or weathering of steel, that forms a layer of brownish tones. CORTEN STEEL is a brown-orange steel that happens due to the creation of a self-protecting layer over time, also known as “patina”. Inspired by the shade, and texture, we created a blend of similar tones with features of an aluminium composite panel that gives a rustic and warm tone to modern buildings.


The shade is the replica of completely weathered corten steel. Similarly to heavy rust on steel, the brown shade has a green undertone along with a mix of red.


As we came towards the end of the blog, a quote by Frank Gehry "Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness" suits us well. Corten steel speaks for timelessness, and with the aluminium composite panel, you can get the best of both in one panel.
Be it a museum, bridge, library, theatre, commercial, industrial or residential building, the corten steel shade from Viva fits well in every need. To get an expert opinion, you can call us at our toll-free number, 18003133770.
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