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The design of any building is a reflection of an architect's style and it also reflects one's self. As modern architecture emphasizes the ornamentation of buildings, it must exude style and elegance in design with modern-age material like Metal composite panel. It shall be free of deterioration and must stay as it is for years. So, the material we want to introduce to our readers today is aluminum panel sheet and zinc composite panel. It is a type of metal composite panel that uses aluminum or zinc and a thermoplastic core as the manufacturing material.
Metal panels have seen an upsurge in the past couple of decades in India, as urban architecture has seen tremendous growth. The panels exhibits crack-resistant, scratch-resistant, and dust-free features. But, even the best material requires cleaning and maintenance to avoid huge damage and investment in the future for the same. The simple cleaning procedure helps in the effortless maintenance of the metal composite panels.

What is the Composition of a Metal Composite Panel?

To understand why the panels are easier to maintain, one has to understand the composition of the panels. The metal composite panel consists of corten steel, a zinc composite panel, and an aluminium composite panel.
The composition of these panels consists of Corten steel, aluminium, or zinc as the skin of the panel in which the thermoplastic core is sandwiched. The aluminium coils are pre-treated, followed by chromotherapy. After this process, the first coat of primer is applied and later paint is applied. PVDF provides anti-aging properties, whereas FEVE lends extraordinary gloss to the panels. The high-quality coating of the Viva sheet requires minimal maintenance and decreases maintenance expenditure.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance Metal Composite Panel

1. Be Mindful Of the Temperature on Day

When you are applying pressure wash on the sheets, you must conduct the activity during the time of the day when the temperature is moderate. In freezing temperatures, the cleaning solution will freeze onto the sheets, whereas in scorching temperatures, the scorching heat will ignite a chemical reaction as the water evaporates, leaving soap scum and dirt behind.

2. Water Down In Right Way

To wipe off dirt and scum from the panels, one cannot pressure wash or scrub the dirt in any direction. It is important to rinse off the dirt in a horizontal way with the sponge, the wiping-off system must begin with the horizontal side and then end by cleaning the vertical way.

3. Mild Soap Is Enough for Cleaning

As we discuss saving the maintenance fund, we assure you, even the cleaning process won't be exorbitant. A mild soap that is diluted with clean water is enough to clean up the grime from the panels. Wipe off the water from panels with a chamois, squeegee, or any lint-free cloth.

4. Patch-test for Cleaning

All solvents and soaps are not suitable for the panel. It is important to conduct a patch test on a panel before applying harsh chemicals to the whole area to avoid damaging the panels. The diluted solution of soap and water must contain a 1-5% ratio with clean water, and leave the solution for a minute to ensure there won't be any damage due to the cleaning solution.

5. Avoid Bleaching

The panels are colour sensitive, and the application of an acidic solution or bleach can impact the colour coating on the panel. Avoid the application of strong organic solvents such as MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) or MIBK (Methyl Isobutyl Ketone) as these solvents are paint thinners.

Choose Viva for Metal Composite Panel

Modern buildings need aesthetic design and colours for beautification. But, maintenance of complex designs is difficult and expensive. Acrylic paint is neither durable nor effective in maintaining shine under harsh weather conditions.
To avoid maintenance and reduce the cost for it, one needs to start by picking the right material. Our metal composite line includes an ACP panel, ZCP panel, honeycomb panel, and solid aluminium panel. These materials are easy to maintain and last longer than any other composite panel.
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