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    ACP Elevation Design-Everything You Need To Know

    ACP Elevation Design - VIVA ACP

    ACP Elevation Design-Everything You Need To Know

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    The Aluminium composite panel also popularly known as ACP is considered today as on the most popular and preferred material used in construction. Every architecture implementing modern day interior designs today requires the use of aluminium composite panel or ACP elevation.

    We at Viva are considered to be one of the most popular and reliable brands when it comes to modern-day aluminium composite panels or ACP elevation design. Over the years, our organization has developed and transformed aluminium composite panels which are today ideal for a variety of applications.

    Today we at Viva are listing down everything you need to about ACP elevation and where they are used. Read below to know more about our ACP elevation design.

    It Is Popularly Used For ACP Cladding

    Because our aluminium composite panels are considered to be high in durability and flexibility they can be used for cladding and also for an interior purpose. Besides this, you can also use them for external architecture.

    Our aluminium composite panels can easily withstand rigorous wear and tear and hence modern-day construction is clad with an aluminium composite panel. This also helps in extending the life span of any structure.

    Also because aluminium is considered to be a lightweight metal it is very easy to handle and install. This has led to an increase in popularity and likeability among constructors.

    We at Viva, provide the best quality aluminium construction panels that are non-inflammable that help in maintaining fire safety in different buildings and construction.

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    ACP Elevation: Also Useful For Partitions

    In today’s time, most of the office structures prefer to use the available floor space to the most optimum levels. And in order to achieve this objective, they start creating internal partition by forming split spaces. The material which is used for making these partitions are ACP.

    Also because of ease of handling and maintenance, we are considered to be one of the best brands that offer the perfect material for making these partitions or ACP elevation.

    Also in future, if you decide to go away with the idea of having partitions and want to increase the available space, you can easily do so by just unscrewing the screws and moving them wherever you want.

    Our aluminium composite panels are also extremely cost-effective as compared to the other variants available in the market. This is the reason why they are widely used across India today.

    Used For False Ceiling

    We all know that a fall ceiling not only enhances the beauty of your house but also helps in improving the temperature inside any room. For this reason, aluminium composite panels are surely an ideal application as they have materials that can act as an important agent to regulate the overall heat inside a room.

    Also, the aluminium sheet or ACP elevation on the outside provides proper durability that helps in increasing the lifespan of materials as compared to other materials which are available for similar purposes.

    ACP Elevation Design: Useful For Interiors

    You can also easily create wardrobes, bookshelves and other furniture with Viva’s aluminium composite panel. We make sure that your interior stays beautiful and durable besides being water & steam resistant and lightweight.

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    Useful For Signage

    Besides being of great use for house interiors, our aluminium composite panels can also be used to make outdoor signage look more versatile and beautiful. Because the signage or hoardings are used for displaying outside, they need to be able to withstand the temperature changes and the constantly changing weather conditions. For this reason, our aluminium control panel ACP elevation is the best material to cater to this application.

    To know more about our Aluminium control panels & ACP elevation, visit our products page.