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ACP sheet price acp sheets Aluminium Composite Panels

Factors That Affect the ACP Sheet Price

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ACP sheet price is generally determined based on many perspectives. They are mainly classified into fluorocarbon aluminium composite panels and polyester aluminium composite panels.

The fluorocarbon aluminium composite panel is also known as PVDF which lasts for more than 15 years. It is weather-resistant and is mainly used for outside wall decoration. The colour of PVDF also does not fade in its entire lifetime. Whereas, the polyester aluminium composite panel or PE is mainly used in the inner wall of the house.

Since PVDF is weather-resistant, it is costlier than the other one. The greater the thickness the higher the price.

Applications that can affect the ACP Sheet Price

Price of Advertising ACP panels – Generally these ACP panels are polyester coatings. After five years, the colour may start fading. It is also used for advertising boards outside. So, the aluminium is not needed to be very thick to survive.

Price of Construction ACP panels – These are mainly used for curtain walls. This type of panel is generally a fluorocarbon aluminium composite panel. Hence, it can resist colour from getting faded up to 15 years. Since this type of panel has a fluorescent coating, their prices are comparatively higher.

Thickness and Core material – ACP panels are made up of thick aluminium skin, recycled plastic core, and polymer film. Plastic core and aluminium skin impact most to the cost of the panels. Non-professionals in general do not get much bothered about the thickness of the skin. Apart from the decisive factors, only the look, colour, and core material are enough to increase the prices of the panel. The greater the thickness of the panel and the aluminium, the higher is the price of the panel. Most of the constructions require fire resistance due to their safety. Hence, a fireproof ACP panel is preferred. The core of the fireproof ACP is generally white, but few companies unethically provide white plastics instead of the original core. Those fake panels cannot resist fire. Therefore, consumers need to be very much cautious before choosing the same.

ACP sheet colour – The colour variation also affects the cost based on their brightness capacity. The colour brightness is divided into three main categories – Semigloss, Gloss and Matt. The gloss conquers 70-90 degrees of brightness. Whereas, the semigloss panel claims 50 degrees.

Glossy colour ACP sheetsare more expensive than the Matt ones. And the marble colour, mirror colour and brushed colour also have different prices.

These are the few factors that affect ACP sheet price. One can easily gain knowledge regarding the prices of the same.