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    Fire Retardant

    Guaranteed Protection against Fire with Viva’s Fire Retardant ACP Sheets

    It is needless to mention the fact that accidents caused by fire can cause serious injury, enormous damage to personal property and even death. It must also be noted that a majority of fire-related deaths are caused by smoke inhalation of the toxic gases produced during fire breakouts. The smoke contains a huge level of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide as well as threatening levels of chemical and thermal irritants that can damage the respiratory system and cause death.

    In response to the dangers of a fire breakout, Viva became the first ACP sheet manufacturer in India to introduce an FR grade A2+ Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panel. Their core is made up of aluminium in the form of a honeycomb which stops the spread of fire and reduces its intensity. The vacuum created by the air bubbles between the honeycomb core don’t let the fire to spread further. It significantly reduces the risk attached to fire casualties by providing ample time to the trapped people to evacuate the building and produces negligible smoke and zero flaming droplets.

    Viva’s fire retardant ACP does not release any toxic gases or chemicals and produces negligible smoke during a fire breakout that helps the people evacuate the building easily and quickly. Also, the heat released from Viva’s ACP sheets is significantly low, keeping the temperature of the building at a bearable level.

    Viva’s superior quality fire-retardant ACP sheets, can protect you from a great deal of harm and also prevent deaths caused due to the inhalation of toxic smoke and fumes in case of a fire accident. Viva’s FR ACP’s are certified by Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultant.

    Composition of Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panel

    Product Properties

    Property Test Method Units Aluminium Corrugated Core (Class A2+)
    ACP Thickness Measurement mm 4.0
    Coil Thickness Measurement mm 0.5
    ACP Weight Measurement Kg/m2 3.8
    Core Density Measurement 2.74
    Peel Test ASTM D 903 N/mm Min. 10
    ACP Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 Mpa 55
    ACP Elongation ASTM D 638 % Min. 6
    ACCP Yield Strength ASTM D 638 MPa 47
    Thermal Expansion ASTM D 696 mm/M/100° 2.4
    Heat Transmission Coefficient (U) ASTM C 1363 W/m²K 5.53
    Fire Classification EN 13501-1 Class A2-s1-d0
    Fire Rating DIN 4102 Class A2
    Sound Transmission Loss ASTM E 90 dB 25
    Sound Absorption Factor ISO 354 0.05

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