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    Honeycomb Boards

    Experience Robustness And Resilience With Honeycomb Boards

    It is the core of ACP panels that determines strength and flexibility. Depending on the core, the areas of application for these ACP panels may vary.
    To ensure the best of sturdiness and durability, we at Viva have brought ACP panels with honeycomb cores — which are strong yet highly flexible.


    Viva’s honeycomb boards are inspired by the hexagonal design of a natural honeycomb. The pattern offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to external impact. This means these boards are exceptionally well-suited for application areas where both strength and flexibility are required.

    The core gets its stability from alumnium alloy which typically has a thickness of 6mm, 7.5mm, and 20mm. Aluminium alloy honeycomb cores (AA3003 / AA5005) are an essential part of honeycomb panels that are designed by compressing aluminium skins on either side of the core.

    Advantages of Honeycomb Boards

    There are several benefits of choosing honeycomb aluminium boards.

    Tough and flexible:

    The strength of the boards lies in the metal alloy that is being used. Also, the structural design ensures equal distribution of strength throughout the board.

    Resistant to fire:

    Fire hazards are always a cause for worry. The honeycomb pattern ensures there are gaps and airflow between the core, which does not let fire spread quickly.


    The unique structure of the boards allow the aluminium skins to connect in the manner of I-beams. That is what gives them extraordinary strength to undergo impact or stress without any significant damage.


    Honeycomb ACP boards contribute to thermal insulation. This saves a lot of energy resources in regulating the temperature. Besides, the core is also 100% recyclable.

    Areas of Application

    The light weight of the honeycomb boards makes them suitable for varied applications. These boards are commonly used where light yet strong materials are required. Areas like ceilings, metro coaches, railway stations, and airports massively benefit from these boards. The unique hexagonal structure makes them airy and suitable for use in aircraft, train bulkheads, exteriors of cars, car doors, and so on. Their cost-effective factor also massively increases their demand in the market.

    Why Choose Viva’s Honeycomb Board?

    As among the leading honeycomb board manufacturers in India, there are several reasons to trust and choose these boards by Viva.

    • Superior quality boards with exceptional flexibility and strength
    • 15 years of warranty
    • High-quality sound and thermal insulation