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How ACP Panels are Reinvigorating Work Spaces?

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Renovating the working space with ACP Panels or aluminium composite panels has lately become a trend. Every office owner wants to create a working space that looks appealing to outsiders and visitors. In the process of renovating the office, you might want to consider the material which is long-lasting and aesthetic, then select ACP panels. ACP panels are a well-polished and durable construction material that has lately refurbished the IT buildings in modern cities. 2020 and 2021 have altered the perception in which we define our living and working spaces. One thing that changed in the mindset of people in this pandemic, is working from comfortable spaces. Amid the pandemic, everyone found solace in working from home, which meant comfort working, and as the offices are opening, it becomes evident to change in design to keep a balance of comfort and work in the office space. Here are some of the latest trendy methods that a designer can incorporate to reinvigorate the office space for welcoming employees after a "work-from-home culture".

The Quiet Nook

While working from home, the silence was the only thing that surrounded you, this meant you can be much more productive and creative as you get time to listen to your thoughts. A quiet nook in the office can be a great addition to free your thoughts and minds to de-clutter the mind from office gossip! ACP panels are useful in creating a solace space inside the office which is surrounded by serene textures, giving you the visual calmness to focus on your thoughts.

Need For Larger Meeting Room

As client meetings and team meetings are shifting to one-on-one meetings or in-person meetings, it becomes evident to shift to a larger meeting room, to decrease the risk of virus spread in enclosed space. Anti-viral and anti-bacterial ACP panels are useful in reinvigorating these spaces, to minimize the risk of virus spread.

Division in Dining Spaces

Dining is the space to collaborate and have a meaningful conversation, but with the risk of a pandemic, it is important to accept the need for distance. Small partitions on tables can create a safe dining space for people to enjoy their meal and converse with fellow employees.

Wall Decorations

The employees need lively walls to bring life to the work environment. ACP panels are flexible, and lightweight, which you can turn into any shape or design to create a wall design that matches the work environment. Use of glossy texture ACP bounces off light, thus amplifying the small offices into bigger ones. Bold colors such as black or brown amplify the space when toned down with a neutral color palette. With beige and matte colors, create the same effect for conference rooms. With ACP sheets, designers create meaningful spaces for employees who are returning to work after a two-year absence. You May Like: What Is Better For Your Home Décor: ACP Cladding or Painting?

Why Choose The ACP Panel For Revamping The Office?

The introduction of ACP has bought a radical change in the construction industry. ACP panel is a modern constructing material that is extremely light in weight and comes at a very reasonable price. The other factor which makes ACP panel in fashion are:
  • Easily installs on plywood board
Offices have plywood partitions and plywood interiors, revamping the same with a thin ACP board decreases the time to construct something new and adds elegance to the existing structure.
  • Enhances Aesthetic Appeal
Viva's ACP panels come in an array of colors, designs, and textures. You can either leverage our wide product range or even ask for customization to bring out the best texture and color in enclosed spaces.
  • Eco-Friendly
Office space is the right space to promote the need for sustainability in the environment. Using eco-friendly sheets is the right way to introduce ACP to buildings.


The widespread use of the aluminium composite panel in various refurbishing projects contributes to the expansion of its use in modern architecture. In-office, the possibilities are endless and with Viva, you can incorporate the vibrant structure into the home. In the post-covid world, creating a warm and cozy design in the office helps in keeping employees positive and motivated to work in office culture. Viva helps in bringing flexibility, versatility, and reliability to ACP panels, as it is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the country. Viva offers a huge range of choices for designing an office workspace. To know about us visit