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What will be your first thought if we name these brands; Reliance Digital, Burberry, Starbucks, or Amul parlor, well, apart from thinking about their products, you can also associate the company with the brand colors. Reliance digital for Rosso Corsa(Red), Catalina Blue (Blue), Spiro Disco Ball (Sky Blue Shade), Burberry for (Black), and Starbucks has a blend of Deep Green and White. Colors have a lot of effect in creating a brand environment, as people start associating the colors with the brand. As traditional advertising is nudging on human psychology so that they are easy to remember, ACP sheets are playing a key role in the same.
ACP sheets are composite panels consisting of thin recycled polyethylene core, along with aluminium sheets, making the panel lightweight, sturdy and flexible to build a branded environment in retail stores.

Ideas To Create Branded Environment

When it comes to creating a branded environment, it is specifically important to create original shapes and choose distinct colors, so you stand different from competitors and your brand is decisive. To implement this, there are numerous ideas that one should consider for making the most of retail store marketing and branding.

Exterior Cladding

The choice of exterior design and color in the exterior is important as it gives a lasting impression to consumers. The color and material should imitate what is inside. So, if it is a luxury shop, subtle hues are the better choice, while apparel shops should have a pop of color.
3D design, kinetic facade, and anamorphic illusion facade manage to capture the full potential of the consumer in retail. To name a few for inspiration, the luxury brand Louis Vitton in Tokyo, Japan, and BVLGARI, in Bangkok are some of the buildings which have created a dynamic look with the right balance of sustainability and aesthetics by utilization of ACP sheet in exteriors.

Interior Cladding

As ACP sheets are well studied in the front elevation, the same effect it creates in interiors. Viva offers 100% customization, which helps in getting ACP sheets of the exact shade of your brand. Integrate it for wall paneling, or create a feature wall, for this you can either use the same shade or also use similar shades, for instance, if the shop is selling cosmetic products, Viva’s Lustre series and Classic Sparkle series will be the right choice.


Signage identifies the business, it creates a brand identity. The signs are added in both the interior and exterior. You can add LED lit ACP boards in the front of the store to build the identity, you can also add signs with neon lights in the interiors, to create a fun and aesthetic space.
The direction sign boards and nameplates for brands are also made of ACP sheets, which helps in easy navigating the store and gives a positive impression to the shopper.


In-store, a lot of partitions are made which creates a boundary between one collection to another. ACP sheet helps in adding partitions around the store. To make it more branded, the color and texture play on the theme of the brand’s logo. It helps in creating a cohesive environment in the interiors, which helps in building a lasting memory for the consumer, so they can easily relate the brand name with its store.


The facade has taken the protagonist in retail, as companies are using ACP sheets to transform their store into sleek and sustainable looks. As brands are looking to be more distinct among consumers, we are supporting a wide color and design range to create a branded environment in retail.
Our collection ranges from matt to shiny shades. You can also create CNC cut panels or 3-D ACP with Viva ACP Sheets, that enhance the appearance and have a contemporary style to attract customers as they enter the store.
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