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How Does The Aluminium Composite Panel Become So Popular?

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An aluminium composite panel is becoming a ubiquitous cladding material in the construction industry. The popularity of the material may have put you on spot, why is it so popular?
If you are unaware of this new age cladding material, then read along as we unveil its history and the reasons behind its popularity.

History Of Aluminium Composite Panel

An aluminium composite panel is the new age cladding material discovered approximately 40 years ago. It started with the idea proposed by Swiss researchers in the 1960s of combining aluminium alloy sheets with different materials.
Around 1969 German companies ALUUCISE and BASF developed the ACP sheet successfully. However, it was not used mainstream until the 1990s. Initially, the material was common in the transport industry where there was a requirement for lightweight material for skinning of trains and planes.
Later on, research and experiments were conducted to check the wind load of the sheets. The use of ACP sheets commercially as building cladding didn't start till the late 1990s. In 1990, aluminium-plastic composite panels entered the market of China, where they achieved unprecedented development.
In just 10 years, ACP sheets became the material of choice for residential structures. At that time it was realized the sheets could enhance the look of the exterior at a budget-friendly cost.

Reasons That Made Aluminium Composite Panel Popular

Light Weight

Traditionally, cladding materials were heavy and that made them susceptible to damage and difficult to use. But, ACP panels are made of thin aluminium panels which are pressed with resin to bond PE/FR/LDPE core.
Because of the structural stability and lightweight, these sheets are used in aerospace engineering and high-rise buildings.

Easier To Fabricate

As the sheets are light in weight, it is needless to say it is convenient to work with. The sheets exhibit extreme bendability and flexibility. It can be bent, folded, or turned in any shape. With the router and saw you can cut the ACP sheets into any shape and design.

Be Creative with Versatility in Design

The main reason for the popularity of ACP sheets is versatility in designs. Visually aesthetic designs elevate the outlook of any building. We at Viva, provide over 350 designs in ACP. You can be as creative as you want while designing your dream abode.


The major disadvantage of earlier cladding materials was that they were not sustainable. But this issue was resolved with ACP sheets. Aluminium is known to be the most abundant and recyclable metal on earth and its core is also recyclable. This makes ACP sheets eco-friendly and sustainable. Last but not least, the scrapped sheets of ACP are sent to a manufacturing center to make new ones, this way the scrapped material does not end up as land waste in a dumping ground.


The robust physical properties of the ACP sheet make it durable cladding material. Let me explain why ACP sheets are durable! Firstly, the sheet is not susceptible to damage due to corrosion, Secondly, it has high tensile strength and impact resistance which gives it greater longevity. Thirdly, ACP sheets are wind resistant, so even in tornados or at high altitudes, ACP sheets won't crack.


ACP sheets first became popular as signage material and later on became one of the juggernauts in the construction industry. The popularity of ACP cladding is increasing and according to reports, ACP will become the primary cladding material in the coming years.
In this growth of Aluminium Composite Panel or Aluminium Panel Sheet, we at Viva ensure there is no degradation in quality with stringent quality testing. Our innovation and designs will help in the beautification of commercial and residential spaces.