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    How Honeycomb Sheets are Revolutionising Construction and Design Industries

    Honeycomb Sheets in construction and design industries

    How Honeycomb Sheets are Revolutionising Construction and Design Industries

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    The contemporary building and construction industry is always on the lookout for new-age designs that create strong, sustainable yet affordable materials. Ticking all the boxes for a modern exterior and interior cladding material, Alumnium Composite Panels, or ACPs are taking the industry by storm. These materials are available in striking appearances and different kinds of cores, each suitable for varied applications.

    Offering ultimate strength, reliability, and value for money — ACP panels with honeycomb cores have emerged as the choice for exterior facades. The addition of a honeycomb sheet in an ACP panel has called for a revolution in the field of design.

    What are Honeycomb Boards?

    Alumnium composite panels are designed with a core in the middle and two layers of alumnium sheets on either side. The core plays an important role in determining the character of the ACP sheets. Inspired by original honeycombs, a unique interconnected hexagonal structure is used as the core of alumnium honeycomb panels. The structure allows the panel to be flexible and have a better compression strength at the same time.

    Aluminium Honeycomb Panels: Key Advantages

    Enhanced Durability

    It is natural for exterior cladding materials to experience extreme weather variations as well as impact. The hexagonal structures in the boards, join with the aluminium sheets, forming an I-beam structure. Aluminium composite panels with honeycomb cores have the ability to bend and flex as the situation demands. It is the flexibility of the panels that make them durable and more impact-resistant.

    Reduced Weight

    Traditional cladding materials like stone, wood, and ceramics are known to be heavy. However, this is not ideal when it comes to external installations on high-rise buildings or in poor soil conditions. Aluminium honeycomb panels are manufactured with compressed aluminium alloy cores that do not add to the weight. Besides, the hollow pockets in between further make the panels lightweight and easy to handle.

    Diverse areas of application

    The structure of these honeycomb sheets provides strength and rigidity while reducing the overall weight of the material. This makes them ideal for use in areas where weight is a concern, such as in aircraft or in construction projects. It is a great alternative for areas of application where heavy materials could compromise the structural integrity of the building.

    Improved fire-resistance

    Conventional cladding materials are not known to be fire-proof. However, aluminium composite panels with honeycomb boards are powered by fire resistance technology since they do not have a flammable core. These panels not only prevent the spread of fire but also do not produce any smoke. This gives builders a significant upper hand to work with the material.

    Thermal and sound insulation

    The honeycomb core in the aluminium panels provides excellent thermal and sound insulation. This helps reduce the energy consumption of the building — improving efficiency by minimising the need for heating and cooling. Honeycomb cores are also responsible for absorbing much of the external sound from entering a building.

    Lowered maintenance

    These panels are resistant to water, fire, and impact, which makes them ideal for use in exterior cladding. This also means that they require little maintenance, which can save time and money in the long run.

    Viva’s Alumnium Honeycomb Panels

    Superior-quality and robust, aluminium honeycomb panels by Viva are designed with cutting-edge technology. Manufactured using aluminium alloy of grades AA3003/AA3105/ AA5005 / AA 3105, the panels are at par with international standards.

    Honeycomb sheets used in the alumnium honeycomb panels are 20mm and 12mm, which gives them the qualities of being lightweight yet sturdy. Following the principles of sustainability, our aluminium honeycomb panels are engineered to be 100% recyclable and reusable.

    Exuding exemplary look and feel, Viva’s alumnium honeycomb panels have become a preferred choice for ceilings, facades, metro coaches, railway stations, airports, and beyond.


    Honeycomb boards are a promising material that is sure to continue to play an important role in the construction and design industries. As technology continues to improve and new applications are discovered, this versatile material is likely to find its way into different applications in the years to come.