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How Natural Stone ACP Are Becoming Rage Among Modern Architects

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Natural stone is a popular material for cladding and façades from ancient architecture. From temples to TajMahal, stone has been an integral part of the architecture. The same essence is added in modern architecture with the Natural Stone ACP sheets.
Natural stones including granite, limestone, sandstone, marble, and quartzite, are embraced by architects for centuries. In modern Indian architecture, the utilization of natural stone is cumbersome and exorbitant. The installation process is difficult and time-consuming. This is why architects and designers have embraced natural stone ACP for modern high-rise buildings.
One of the reasons behind its popularity among modern architects is no two stone has a similar pattern or design. It gives the scope for creativity among architects and designers, as the panels exude endless possibilities with their texture and colors.

Benefits of Natural Stone ACP sheets


Have you ever thought about how difficult is to transport heavy stones to high-rise buildings? Yes, the process is extremely time-consuming and has the risk of damage.
An aluminium composite panel is lighter in weight and easier to transport. They can be transported to construction sites seamlessly, and are even easier to transport to the top floors of high-rise buildings for installation.


Viva has over 30  variants of natural stone ACP! A product that comes with wide versatility in design allows the designers and architects to create rare and exotic façade designs. Some of the prominent hues of Viva's natural stone series are Bardiglio Grey, Blue Jeans Marble, Talkotile, Cielo Quartzite, Moon Watcher.


The maintenance, installation, and procuring of the stone contribute to pollution, which is why ACP sheets are the better alternative. The stone finish is done with a powder coating that does not emit toxic gas back into the environment.
ACP sheet is made of a thin aluminium panel and thermoplastic core. After damage, both of these parts can be removed and used separately without losing their quality. The PE core can be used for manufacturing new panels.

Decreases Electricity Bills

Are you tired of high bills for AC and air purifiers? Then ACP sheet is the right option. The natural stone ACP help in the beautification of the home, along with decreasing electricity bills by 30%.
The panels create convection between the panels through a vacuum effect. It traps the heat, which is why, in winter it keeps the home warm, while in summer it keeps the inside cool. The benefit of using an ACP sheet is it is anti-dust and does not allow pollutants to settle between the panels, making the interiors cleaner and decreasing the need for an air purifier.

Effortless maintenance

The panels are not susceptible to damage from the air, water, biological bacterial growth, and physical damage. The panels are anti-resistant, anti-scratch, and chip free. It can be easily maintained by dusting or cleaning with a mild solvent.
It lasts longer than natural stone, and even during damage in panels, each panel can be replaced with new with minimal effort.

Easy To Install

ACP panel is easier to install in comparison with stone cladding. The panels come with rivets and nuts which are fixed with the metal frame built from MS pipe. The process takes a couple of days to complete, which reduces the expense of labor and investment in time, making the construction process fast-paced.


Natural stone ACP sheet is the modern alternative to classic and timeless design. It can elevate the simplest classic material into a sophisticated look. With Viva's ACP sheet you are assured of quality and affordability.
Viva is one of the leading ACP sheet manufacturers and exporters in India. Learn about our wide product range that has over 300 designs and textures. Get in touch with us by calling on our toll-free number 1800 313 3770 or mail us at