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    How Viva Helps To Maintain The Brand Colour Of Any Big Brand

    Viva ACP - The Color of a Building Façade

    How Viva Helps To Maintain The Brand Colour Of Any Big Brand

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    Branding refers to the methods used to identify your company. The use of branding aids your consumers in recognizing and engaging with your company. For a brand, it’s more than simply a distinctive logo; it also symbolizes your distinct look, customer service, company marketing, and public relations. Your company’s brand distinguishes you from the rest of the pack, like ACP shades or ACP sheet color design. In addition, it conveys your company’s character, power, and caliber via the use of a custom ACP sheet design. The brand of a business is a priceless intangible asset. It’s impossible to touch intangible goods. Therefore they’re referred to as abstract.

    As an essential creative tool in architecture and urban design, the color of a building’s facade may help to convey its personality. Intense colors, in particular, should be constant throughout time.

    Planners and customers employ strong color tones such as reds, blues, or blacks and greys to create a color statement. For that reason, the color idea must persist indefinitely. If you’re looking for a three-dimensional effect, consider Viva, ACP sheet design.

    Rust and pollutants fade the color of a building’s facade over time. Sunlight’s UV component also tampers with the color’s structure. The same is true for colored façade cladding. In addition to fading, UV radiation may cause irreversible damage to the sheeting’s fibers.

    The right combination between pigment type, pigment quality, and a high percentage of binding agents is crucial for a façade system that provides long-term security and intense color. The company’s experience and the company’s color design have stayed vibrant and appealing for many years. Because the Viva ACP sheet is very resistant to UV radiation and aging, its color will not fade with time or exposure to the sun. Open façade projects are also fitted with specific UV stabilizers to prevent the material from becoming brittle over time.

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    Consequently, everything works in perfect harmony to keep the façade looking good for years to come. We have more than 300+ stunning shades to match your style with the added customization facility of shades as per your requirement. We specialize in creating the exact shade of your choice by which you can maintain your brand identity with elegance.

    Businesses used to advertise by lighting their logos and erecting billboards and the specific color they market. Facade designs in front of buildings have lost their allure over time. The architectural color was introduced as part of a new, more sophisticated approach to branding. A poorly managed architectural lighting show, say, experts, may quickly devolve into nothingness.

    Architectural features may be emphasized using facade color and texture, which Viva helps sustain. With this technique, the emphasis is shifted to a particular structure or item. It’s an essential part of branding since it makes signage and entrances with vibrant, colorful lights easier for customers to find.

    There are many top brands nowadays viva is working with like:

    Lenskart, Reliac Trends, Reliance Fresh, Kia Motor, MG Motors, Volks vegan, Skoda, Panataloons, Mcdonalds, Nayara, Petrolum, Velgium Waffels, Shell Lubricants, Blue stone, Benelli Bikes, Hero Electric south. We are also helping different Sectors like Petroleum, AutoMobile, Mobile, Food Industry to maintain the identity.

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    Massive corporations and multinational businesses use architectural landmarks to enhance their brand image. Aesthetically, their structures have frequently been enhanced with bright and dynamic façade colors. To symbolize their corporate offices and retail locations, they’re now using this tactic.

    When done correctly, creative use of facade lighting may turn any building into a major tourist attraction. It emphasizes a brand, draws attention to the architecture, and represents the corporate culture. The use of contrast between light and dark may elicit an emotional reaction and just provide light.