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How Viva Is Bringing Luxury To The Exterior Façade

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Aluminium composite panel is becoming the go-to material among architects and designers, thanks to its range of benefits. Along with the array of benefits it has, it is most popular because of its ability to elevate the outlook of any structure with its aesthetic features.
The construction industry in India is evolving drastically. IT, hospitals, movie theatres, malls, high-rise residential complexes, hotels, and resorts are becoming a quintessential part of evolving India's infrastructure. These structures are built to attract people from all walks of life with the exciting and enthralling exterior facade.
With the popularity of these ACP panels, Viva is supporting its versatility in designs. With hundreds of hues and a range of ACP sheet series, it brings aesthetic appeal which brings luxury to the Exterior facade.
In this blog, we aim to tick off some checklists that make Viva the best aluminium composite panel manufacturer in India.

Evolution In Design

The facade is all about the aesthetic and that design that can add oomph to the walls. The recherche of design depends on the texture, hues, and pattern of design. Viva is bringing different ACP series, that help in the evolution of the exterior facade.
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Some of the notable ACP series are the Elemento series, Premium Marble, Metal Abstract series, wooden ACP series, Tarnish Metallum Series, Natural Stone Series, Galaxy and Desert Series. Each of the series is inspired by elements of nature that exhibit sheer elegance and ethereal beauty.

Enviable Features

The panels are the identity of a building. It is important to select panels whose features match the area where the structure is situated. For instance, builds near beaches or places with heavy moisture tend to experience dampness, which means the construction material must fight this environmental factor to ensure longevity and lower maintenance.
Viva's Aluminium Composite Panel undergoes stringent testing that includes testing coating, the stress and impact resistance ability, yield strength, tensile strength, the expansion rate of the panel, and thermal resistance. The testing of these properties enables enviable features that make it long-lasting and durable construction material.

Effortless Maintenance

The exterior facade is a feast for the eyes only when it is maintained appropriately. They are constantly exposed to dirt, dust, rainwater, pollutants in the air, and moisture. It is needless to mention, without proper care like any other material ACP sheet is also susceptible to damage.
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However, Viva's ACP sheet requires minimum and effortless maintenance making it popular among small to big housing complexes. Our advice for cleaning includes conducting a patch test before applying solvent or any other cleaning agent, using a gentle washing method instead of rubbing, and avoiding bleach-based and acid-based agents. You can learn about the whole cleaning process here.

FR rated ACP Sheet

We understand the need for safety in high-rise complexes. We have one of the highest fire safety accreditation, NFPA 285, which ensures the building is safe during a fire accident. The fire-resistant panel is manufactured of A2+ aluminium corrugated sheets with honeycomb core.
The honeycomb core has hollow spaces inside that create a vacuum for air and do not promote the combustion to move rapidly. The panels do not produce toxic fumes and gas that strangles captured people to death. It even delays the fire penetration which gives ample time to evacuate and protect against potential property damage.


Viva is one of the most trusted and fashionable ACP sheet manufacturers in India. The designs exude elegance, while their properties vouch for durability. The in-house design team and the manufacturing plant of Umbergaon ensure quality. So, if you are planning a construction project, visit the nearest Viva's local supplier to buy Aluminium Composite Panel.