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Ideas For Balconies: Composite Panel To Create A Modern Living Area In The Apartment

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Today, apartments are known for cramped spaces and only a handful of them are lucky enough to get a balcony in the apartment. If one is lucky enough to get that in a city apartment, one must live up to it, by enhancing its design with Aluminium Composite Panels and making it an extended version of the living room. Balconies are open space that connects the home to the outer world. It makes the home look spacious because sunlight enters and keeps it airy.
It means you can accentuate the walls with textured and patterned versions, add furniture or put a lawn chair and call it a day! No matter how large or small your balcony is, it has a lot of creative potentials. So, are you in search of ideas for balconies? Then, read the blog to learn about some innovative ideas.
The upliftment of a design of a home starts with the decoration of walls. The walls speak for luxury if decorated with the right colours and textures. The balcony is the space that is exposed to harsh weather conditions, from sunlight to rain and stormy winds. This is why, instead of settling with acrylic paints, it is important to look for material that can resist damage. ACP sheets or aluminium composite panels are composite materials that are sturdy to resist damage in any weather condition.

Types Of Aluminium Composite Panels To Enhance The Look Of Balconies

1.    CNC Cut Designs

Intricate CNC design, which is also known as jali design is taken inspiration from mashrabiya, it is an Arabic term for latticework windows in stone or wood. The design specifically spread across India during the prevalence of the Mughal period.
This design is depicted through the perforated aluminium panel sheet. Installation of the perforated composite panel in the balcony adds a discerning look that enhances the look of the balcony. You can add this to create partitions or sections in the balcony for adding shelves or keeping potted plants.

2. Textured ACP Design

The ACP panels, or honeycomb panels which have textured and mixable variations enhance the look of the walls of the balcony creating a statement piece in your home.
The textured sheets are easy to line up and maintain. You can combine two to three textures on four different walls to create a captivating design pattern for balconies. 3-D panels or metal abstract panels are the right choices for textured sheet, it makes the balcony look spacious and brings versatility in the décor.

3. ACP Ceiling

In high-rise buildings, ceilings are smaller in comparison to bungalows or 2-storey houses. This is why, styling the ceiling becomes a part of interior design, so you can look at the beautiful ceiling while stealing a sight of the night sky from the balcony.
ACP ceiling has characteristics of convenient construction. It allows being creative with the design and it is functional with its properties such as fire prevention, and enhancing structural support. You can pick the style of your choice from Viva’s wide range of ceiling designs. Some of them are wooden ACP, heavenly body ACP series, and metal abstract ACP series.


As the adage goes, “modern architecture is not a style, it’s an attitude”, this shows the balconies are not just an area to style but rather an extended space of the home which needs as much attention in detail as other parts of the home. aluminium panel sheet, glass panels, potted plants, and chairs are ornamental pieces that enhance the look of the balcony.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of ACP sheets and composite panels that help in creating alluring designs in an unfurnished home. You can check out the wide range of colours and products from
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