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Ideas for Outdoor Wall Cladding with Aluminium Panel Sheet

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ACP cladding renovates and reinvigorates the exterior of a building. With features like easy maintenance, flexibility, and budget-friendliness, it is needless to mention aluminium panel sheets have become the material of choice for architects to bring ingenuity to design.
A sandwich panel with a thermoplastic core pressed with thin skin-layer aluminum coils bonded on each side, the Aluminum Composite panel has lately become every designer and architect's muse.
If you are planning on designing a building with an ACP sheet panel or redecorating an existing one, here are some ideas that can take your sub-standard exterior design to premium aesthetic beauty.

Wooden Texture ACP Cladding

Wood brings an essence of old charm and classic beauty to the exterior. Designing the outdoor with wooden ACP sheets gives an instant look of vintage style. Viva's VA375-PARLATO, va376-Ebony wood, VA380-Dyed Zebrano Wood, and VA396-Teak Wood are some wooden ACP sheet textures that fit well in exterior cladding.
Most commonly these shades are incorporated in resorts, farmhouses, and cafes as it brings the vibe of nature into the home.
Wooden Texture ACP cladding - Viva ACP Cladding

3-D illusion ACP Sheet

Want to create a statement style? 3-D Aluminum composite panel sheet is the one you must go for. Eclectic looks and out-of-the-box thinking strategy by designers bring a wow factor to your outdoor. A stunning architectural masterpiece with this kind of façade is the base for a facade for the future. 3-D Illusion ACP Sheet - Viva

Metal Style ACP

In the era of cladding, metal material is a great enhancement in the front façade. Metal adds a sleek and contemporary look to the standard designs. Viva's metal abstract series boasts 9 innovative ACP shades that help in capturing the essence of abstract design. VA-8014 Corten Steel 1, VA-8016 Corten Steel 2, VA-8015 Patina, VA-8007Cosmic Chill, VA-8005 Brown Agate Metal, and VA-8002 Nautica black, etc are some of the prominent shades of Viva's  Metal Abstract Series.
Metal Style ACP - Viva Aluminum Panel Sheet   You May Like: Timber Cladding vs. Wooden ACP Sheets- A Sustainable Alternative

Stone Cladding

Stone brings one of the most detailed designs to the exterior, however, natural stone cladding is difficult to shape and install in high-rise structures. To overcome this issue, the ACP stone is the right material to go for. VA 9028 Blue JeansMarble, VA9002-Cement, and VA9003-Charminar wood are some of Viva's natural stone aluminium panel sheets which are a common sight for exterior cladding.
Stone Cladding - Viva Aluminum Panel Sheet  

Viva's Elemento Series

Elemento brings a sophisticated look to the outdoors of a building. It adds character to the building and helps the designers to design appealing architectural structures. Our Elemento Series are available in hues such as Ice Burst, Maverick Brown, Arctic Grey, Serbia Stone, Crema Valencia, and many more.
Viva's Elemento Series - Aluminum Panel Sheet


Outdoor is just a big canvas on which your architect can mix and match different ACP sheets to bring out the best ACP cladding. With so many Aluminium panel Sheet textures, and hues you can be as creative as you want. Viva has 350+ designs for outdoor and indoor ACP cladding. In addition to wooden, stone, and metallic series Viva provides Premium Marble, Rustic, Sand, and Mirror, Tarnish Metallum  ACP sheets.