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    Installation at Facade

    Follow these tips to slay your routing and fabrication process of VIVA’s ACP sheets

    For an aluminum composite sheet to achieve the desired finishing, you must effectively execute its routing and fabrication during the installation process.

    A) Use the same arrow direction when installing ACP panels to avoid shade variation caused by surface orientation, especially when using metallic and abstract colors.

    B) VIVA’s ACP sheets expand at a rate of (2.4 mm/m/100) degrees. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain adequate distance between two ACP claddings to guarantee thermal stability. 

    The formula to calculate the distance based on the thermal expansion of the particular length of sheets is:

    Thermal expansion x sheet length (in meter) x Delta T (Temperature Variation) 

    C) The stiffener and structure should be appropriately aligned to avoid wrinkles in the aluminum panel sheets. (Generally 4 by 4 feet or as recommended by the architect)

    D) It is essential to take into account the wind pressure of a given altitude and location.

    E) You must provide batch printing on the bottom of each ACP panel during the subsequent orders to avoid color variations at the time of part-orders. 

    F) Consider the diagonal length of aluminum composite sheets when cutting or grooving to avoid a tapered finish for your panel blocks. The diagonal should not exceed 2mm.

    G) It is advisable to remove the protective film upon completion of installation. If the protective film is left on for more than 45 days, removing it will be challenging. Avoid pulling the protective film below 10°C.

    I) Do not remove the protective film with a jerk; do so smoothly and with equal pressure to prevent deflection and humps.

    J) To prevent color shade variations within a building surface, we recommend our clients order all the VIVA’S ACP panels for a similar project in one order.  

    K) The panels must be weather-proof to prevent thermal movement caused by temperature fluctuations. Otherwise, the ACP panels will bow, and the fasteners will be overstressed to unacceptable levels. 

    Below is a quick reference guide for the thermal resistance of VIVA’s aluminum panel sheets:

    • Thermal Resistance – 50ºC ~ +80ºC
    • Linear Expansion 2.40 mm per meter at 100ºC

    L) Keep in mind that the coating integrity will be compromised if the working temperature approaches or exceeds 100ºC. Therefore, the thermal resistance of the wooden ACP sheet also influences the fabrication.