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Launching The Shades of Santa Fe: A Tribute to Timeless Beauty

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In the heart of the oldest capital of the United States lies a city that breathes history, culture and innovation. Santa Fe, the first UNESCO Creative City, stands as a testament to the enduring romance between heritage and modern heart. As you walk past the city its sun-drenched avenues and adobe structures offer a glimpse into a bygone era, where each corner tells a story of resilience and creativity.

As you stroll through the labyrinthine lanes of Santa Fe, you will experience the warm shades that symbolize life built on the foundation of health, stamina and strength.

Santa Fe Series is our attempt to encapsulate human endeavor and provide an exceptional experience that is not just beautiful to look at but also magic to touch. The shades of Santa Fe pay homage to eclectic mix of Victorian, Italian and Spanish influences that adorn the city’s streets capturing the essence of its warm hues and timeless charm.

Allow us to introduce you to the shades that define the Santa Fe Series:

The Essence of Santa Fe Captured in Shades of Viva ACP Design Series
Urban Beige (VA 12001)

VA 12001 - Urban Beige

Inspired by the Gothic elegance of Loretto Chapel designed by the architect Projectus Mouly in 1879, Urban Beige VA 12001 pays homage to the cool tones of Sepia, soothing the eye with its divine replica of a bygone era.

Terracotta (VA 12002)

VA 12002 - Terracotta

Picking from the old pages of Santa Fe city’s history terracotta embodies the pink hues of Pepto Bismol Building. Inspired by it, we have launched Terracotta VA 12002 in the latest range of the Santa Fe ACP sheet design series. The hue resembles Pantone’s color of the year 2024 which has a delicate mix of pink and orange and is known for adding a sense of warmth and depth to modern architecture.

Cementum Grey (VA 12003)

VA 12003 - Cementum Grey

In 1795, architect Scott Specht, AIA, Specht Architects constructed a house between the artistic city of Santa Fe. It was designed with two perpendicular boards that formed concrete walls and called Sundial House. This construction was a minimalist modern construction in between the artistic city. Inspired by the simplicity and innovation of Specht Architects we have brought Cementum Grey VA12003 to add a touch of modernism to the canvas of the Santa Fe design series.

Calce Chalk (VA 12004)

VA 12004 - Calce Chalk

While strolling past through the lanes of Santa Fe, we came across Meow Woolf, designed by architect Dan Craig a structure dedicated to Mystery, Magnificent, and Multimedia all under one roof. The white color struck a chord with us and we were in awe of its glory leading us to add the shade Calce Chalk, shade no- VA 12004 into our Santa Fe design series.

Victorian Yellow (VA 12005)

VA 12005 - Victorian Yellow

The essence of Victorian is quite prevalent in the city of Santa Fe. The shade of Victorian Yellow VA 12005 is inspired by the earthy tone of the Soldiers Monument, a 33ft tall memorial monument designed by architects John and Michael McGee in the year 1867.

Basalt Black (VA 12006)

VA 12006 - Basalt Black

Basalt Black VA 12006 has a dark gray and black colour that adds depth and charisma to any construction. During our research for the Santa Fe Series, we came across the magnificent construction of Pottawatomie County Museum which preserves the history and artefacts of Pottawatomie County. A collection of stories, art pieces, and history is found here, and this is connected with us. We were mesmerized by the architecture and use of Basalt Balck stones by architect Charles Frederick Whittlesey in the year 1904. To honour this marvellous construction, we have added Basalt Black to our Santa Fe design series.

Pacific Anthracite (VA 12007)

VA 12007 - Pacific Anthracite

Pacific Anthracite VA 12007 is a shade in our latest launch Santa Fe is inspired by the sleek and avante-grade architecture of Cumber House located in Mexico City. The Cumber House designed by prolific architect firm DCCP Arquitectos in 2014 blends sophistication and modernity in one canvas. Pacific Anthracite brings out the stucco finish which is quite widespread in Santa Fe architecture.

Crafting Architectural Masterpieces with Santa Fe

Versatility in Sizes
The range of size availability of Santa FE makes it a reliable choice for any construction project. The availability of ACP Sheet sizes in this design series ranges from 1220mm X 2440mm to 1220mm X 3660mm which comes in thicknesses of 3mm and 4mm. The coil thickness of 0.03mm LDPE, delivers unparalleled performance and reliability, making it a trusted choice for architects and designers alike.

Features For Optimal Performance
While launching our latest design series Santa Fe, we took inspiration from the constructions of the city. The standing out feature was resistance to environmental damages and weather changes. Incorporating the same, we manufactured panels that have exceptional heat insulation and weather resistance. The coating of the panels is quality tested to withstand the harshest of climates to ensure the exterior remains pristine and protected year-round. In addition to providing optimal performance in the endurance of the panel, they are also designed for advanced sound and acoustic insulation properties that create a serene environment, shielding you from unwanted noise pollution.

Durable Properties
As the design series is inspired by the city of Santa Fe which looks like a page of history well preserved, we also ensured the design series has durable properties to keep the structure long-lasting ensuring architectural endeavors with the series can be part of history. Santa Fe goes beyond the ordinary with its array of impressive properties. The panels prohibit bacterial growth with its anti-bacterial coating, while the anti-scratch surface ensures a flawless finish that lasts. Safety is paramount, which is why Santa FE is equipped with fire-retardant technology, providing peace of mind in the face of potential hazards. Plus, its self-cleaning feature makes maintenance a breeze, allowing you to enjoy your space without the hassle of constant upkeep.

The application of Santa Fe is to facelift the exterior of any building. Whether you’re designing a commercial building, residential complex, or public space, Santa FE is the ideal choice for exterior applications. Its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal make it a perfect fit for a wide range of projects, ensuring stunning results every time.

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