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Making a Mark on World Map: Viva ACP Expanding International Footprints

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Today, our skyline is transforming, marked by unprecedented architectural developments. Whether it’s investments in eye-catching structures or the increasing prevalence of high-rise construction, the cityscape is evolving in ways we’ve never witnessed before. In this, architects and builders are exploring options for building facade materials that help in attaining the goals of sustainable construction. Among the plethora of facade materials, the one which has been in the spotlight for quite a decade is the Metal Composite Panel made of skins such as aluminium, copper, zinc, etc. Owing to features such as lightweight, low maintenance, flexible, and recyclable, the material is irreplaceable in modern construction for facading.

As the pioneers of Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturing we have made significant strides in revolutionising how construction projects are defined in terms of aesthetics. We are pushing the possibilities with this material by continuously involving our unit in innovation to commit to excellence for customer satisfaction. And through our continuous evolution, we are now revolutionising the international market of ACP panels. In our latest effort to streamline the distribution in the international market, we are now in the cross-continent with our new offices.

Sri Lanka: In Collaboration With LH Consortium (Pvt) Ltd
In the heart of Sri Lanka, where ancient traditions meet modern aspirations, Viva ACP has found a trusted partner in LH Consortium (Pvt) Ltd. In the architectural renaissance in Sri Lanka, we are contributing to the front elevation of the structures. With the collaboration, the commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with Viva ACP’s philosophy, creating a synergy that echoes through the vibrant landscapes of Sri Lanka.

The Oasis of Innovation: Qatar
Qatar is transforming and so is the architecture of Qatar. The country is expanding the concept of innovation in architecture and interior design. From the FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadium to Smart Cities, Qatar’s architecture is nothing but revolutionary. To further inspire and innovate the skylines of Qatar, we Viva Metal Composite Panel is now nestled in the dazzling city space of Doha, Qatar.After completing numerous monumental projects in the heart of Qatar, we have now unveiled our new office located in Gwc-AL Wukair office No. A12-B1-17 & A12-B1-18 CR- 182659, this hub of creativity is the brainchild of Viva ACP’s visionary team.

To support and assist with your queries we have Yogesh Parwani, the guiding force of Qatar, welcoming you to the transforming designs that combine innovation and functionality. Connect with him at +974 55314187 / 7771 0933 and let your architectural dreams take flight in the enchanting landscapes of Qatar.

Important Details:
Gwc-AL Wukair office No. A12-B1-17 & A12-B1-18 CR- 182659
Yogesh Parwani: +974 55314187 / 7771 0933
Uganda: In Collaboration With Ramp Enterprise Ltd
Uganda is in the midst of an architectural renaissance and contemporary buildings are elevating the city spaces of Uganda. The architectural materials in these play a key role in ensuring the durability of the construction and the aesthetics of it. With our commitment to quality and incredible customer satisfaction, we are now one of the leading choices of architects around the world, even in Uganda.

South Africa: In Collaboration With Hitech Facade Products
To extend our influence in South Africa, Viva Metal Composite Panel has strategically aligned with Hitech Facade Products (Pty) Ltd, marking a pivotal movement in our global expansion. As more people want better quality and a variety of colours for Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP), teaming up with Viva will help designers and architects discover even more options with ACP sheets to unlock the endless possibilities of ACP sheets.

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Viva ACP- Paving Ahead with Global Opportunities
With our new offices and collaboration with leading distributors across the globe, we are now set to redefine the skylines with our incredible product range. Reach out to our partners to enquire about product range, delivery timeline and customization. At each distributor, we ensure to keep the Viva promise which is our commitment to quality in every square meter of the panels. You will be purchasing our product at every distributor network. Want to know more about our international presence, then mail us at Be part of this growing industry by becoming a part of our distributor family, reach out to us to know more about it!