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Need of the Hour : Viva’s Anti-Bacterial ACP Sheets

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the truth of life-the unpredictability, the unrest, and the ultimate value of maintaining health and hygiene. The world, for quite some decades, had only placed its priority in non-tangible growth, often sacrificing the basics of human life, for example, maintaining health and parameters of good hygiene over wealth. Someone wise once said, "Health is Wealth," and truly so as the contemporary times have proven this statement to be true to its entirety. The necessity of a toxin-free environment has increased in multifold due to the ongoing pandemic and health risks. At Viva, we have been deeply concerned about the hygiene of aspects of our society and soon figured out that one of our Aluminium Composite Panels can do so much to maintain perfect hygiene. Our Anti-Bacterial ACP sheets are made to kill the growth of bacteria and other harmful microbes on the surface of anything that is clad with our Viva Anti-Bacterial ACPs. You May Like: Aluminum Composite Panels – An Extra Layer Of Protection And Efficiency We get exposed to a plethora of harmful germs, microbes, and bacteria in our daily lives. The surface of walls, tables, cabins, and cabinets are populated with such harmful microbes, which, when internalized by the human body, can wreak havoc. We often touch these surfaces and put our dirty hands inside our mouths, sometimes when eating food or even when we anxiously bite our nails. On top of it, the air containing moisture works as a catalyst to help these microbes multiply in numbers. These disease-causing pathogens grow when they come in contact with human sebum, dry skin, or even saliva. Viva Anti-Bacterial ACP Sheets Viva's Anti-Bacterial ACP sheets guarantee to safeguard against bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, coliform, salmonella, enteritis bacterium, MRSA, E.coli, black mold, biofilm, fungi, and legionella. In fact, Viva's Anti-Bacterial ACP sheets are a great choice for clad walls of hospitals,pre-natal and post-natal care units, gyms, spas, cafes, food storage warehouses, and pharmacies. You can also install these Anti-Bacterial ACPs on tables, cash counters, Montessori, nurseries, etc., to minimize the risk of cross-contaminating through surface bacteria with our Anti-Bacterial ACP sheets. Viva's Anti-Bacterial ACP sheets come with a unique anti-microbial coating that can eliminate the growth of harmful microbes on the surface. When the microbial body comes in contact with the ACP sheet, it is immediately killed with the Silver-ion fortified biocide. Moreover, in a bacteria-filled environment full of moisture, Viva's Anti-Bacterial ACP sheets release potent biocide to eliminate the growth of moisture-retaining bacterial bodies. Viva's Anti-Bacterial Aluminium Composite Panels are absolutely safe and non-toxic. Made with a "neutral to the human body" Silver-ion-based anti-bacterial technology and lead-free, non-toxic paints, it ensures absolute safety for you. To know more about Viva's Anti-Bacterial Aluminium Composite Panels, give us a call on our toll-free 1800313 3770 number today!