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    Our ACP Manufacturing Journey

    Aluminium Panel Sheet: Manufacturing Journey

    Our ACP Manufacturing Journey

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    Viva is among the largest manufacturers and suppliers of ACP panels in India. Implementing intensive research and development at our state-of-the-art facility, we design ACPs that surpass global industry standards. At Viva, we offer high-quality panels that are ideal for exterior cladding, interior decor, signage, and more.

    We offer 300+ shades of ACPs in different colours, textures, patterns, and finishes. Our elaborate ACP series have been used in several notable projects across the country and abroad. With a growing foothold in the international market, Viva ACPs’ roaring success lies in its uncompromising quality standards and ability to evolve as per the needs of the market.

    Where Did It All Begin?

    The Indian economy in the early 1990s witnessed a major shift as the free market policy was adopted. The event helped the influx of several goods and ideas prevalent around the world to enter the country. With developments in the global construction scene, building claddings using architectural Aluminium Panel sheets began to emerge.

    Viva was quick to realise the market potential of ACPs in the emerging economy. And that laid the foundation for the company in 2003, as a prominent brand for aluminium composite panels in India.

    Viva’s Manufacturing Facility

    The foundation of our superior-quality ACP panels lies in the ultra-modern facility in Umbergaon, Gujarat. Backed by best-in-class manufacturing processes and Korean machinery, the plant is designed to streamline production.

    The facility has the capacity of producing 7 million m2 per annum and 30,000 Sq. Mt. daily production capacity. To ensure the utmost safety of products and our workforce, we follow all necessary safety practices.

    We source high-grade raw materials from reputable names in the industry. For instance, aluminium coils of series 3003/3105/5000 are sourced from Hindalco co., while the coatings and paints are from Monopol Colours, Nippon Paints, and similar renowned names. Besides, at Viva, we take every step to offer customer satisfaction.

    And that is why we have several testing facilities to ensure high-quality panels. Besides, our manufacturing unit strictly adheres to sustainability guidelines in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

    Viva’s Major Milestones

    Viva is among the few front-runners in the ACP industry in the country. Being in the industry for over 2 decades, we have earned the trust and reliability of builders, architects, and even interior designers. We have also had certain major feats along the journey.

    • Viva was the first to introduce Aluminium Corrugated Panel, Corten Steel Series, and Natural Stone Series to enhance the aesthetic appeal as well as the inner strength.
    • We were also the first to introduce 10 Production Lines in order to expedite aluminium panel sheet manufacturing processes.
    • Viva is also the only Indian company to have earned NFPA 285 — the top-most fire safety accreditation.
    • Today, we have over 22 Company warehouses & 500 touchpoints to ensure timely delivery.
    • Viva is the only company in India with 3 colour coating lines

    Why Choose Viva’s Aluminium Composite Panels?

    Architectural Aluminium Composite Panels have emerged as one of the most suitable building materials, particularly for exterior facades in buildings. They are sturdy, lightweight, weather-resistant, and sustainable – which makes them an excellent material for global use.

    Viva’s Aluminium Composite Panels

    Wide Product Range

    Viva offers a wide range of diverse colour options to choose from. With 300+ colours and 15 series to choose from, we spoil our customers for choices.

    Different Core Options

    We have many different core options for varied applications which include Low-Density Polyethylene Core (LDPE), Aluminium Corrugated, Fire-retardant, and Honeycomb cores.

    Rain Screen Systems

    We equip our line of ACP panels with rain screen systems that enable better moisture management as well as improved energy efficiency.

    Additional Properties

    Viva’s Aluminium Panel Sheets are anti-scratch and anti-bacterial in nature. They also have self-cleaning properties to perfectly suit urban conditions.

    Tomorrow and Beyond

    As more and more constructions continue to look for cost-effective, durable, and sustainable cladding options to incorporate, the demand for Aluminium Composite Panels keeps rising. While keeping our mission of bringing the “wow” factor in cladding, Viva aims to emerge as the best manufacturer of ACP panels in India. Together with quality assurance and improved safety, Viva has already set out on the journey to cater to high-quality ACP panels in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, East Africa, South Africa and beyond.

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