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    Polyester Vs PVDF Paint For ACP Sheets: Understanding the Differences

    PVDF Vs Polyester Coating - Viva ACP

    Polyester Vs PVDF Paint For ACP Sheets: Understanding the Differences

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    Selecting the right design, pattern, and colour of the ACP sheet for the facade is thrilling, no doubt. But, what makes the decision better is knowing about the paint material which has been used to bring out the colours of your choice. Colours are not only about aesthetics but also about longevity and protection. The most revered choices for coating ACP panels are; Polyester and PVDF Paint. But which one is better? Interested to know, then continue reading…

    First of let’s clear our basic understanding of both the colour coating materials by taking a peep into what they are!

    Polyester Paint

    Polyester paint consists of unsaturated synthetic poly resins that are blended with organic pigments. It is industrial-grade paint and common for interior applications and for areas which do not demand rigorous performance.

    PVDF Paint

    PVDF paint, short for polyvinylidene fluoride paint, is a high-performance coating commonly used in architectural and industrial applications. PVDF is also referred to by its trade name Kynar and the PVDF coatings are renowned for their outstanding resistance to UV radiation, extreme temperatures, chemicals, and abrasion, ensuring that coated surfaces maintain their appearance and functionality over extended periods.

    Difference between Polyester and PVDF (PVDF vs Polyester) Coating on ACP Sheets

    Polyester paint, while suitable for interior applications, falls short when exposed to the rigors of outdoor environments. Its lack of UV resistance and susceptibility to degradation make it unsuitable for long-term outdoor use. On the other hand, PVDF paint, formulated with polyvinylidene fluoride resin technology, boasts exceptional weatherability, colour retention, and abrasion resistance. Its carbon-fluorine bonds ensure durability even in the face of harsh UV radiation and extreme weather conditions.

    Other than that, one of the major benefits of choosing PVDF paint is that it retains the shine and colour on the panel for the long run if compared to polyester or any other alternative. This makes them an ideal choice for installation in roofing systems as they will last decades without many signs of degradation.

    Why PVDF Colour Coating For Architectural Construction in India?

    India has a subtropical climate which means buildings constructed in India experience heavy rainfall, heat and humidity. In this climatic condition, even superior quality paints quickly chalk, fade and degrade-especially deeper hues. In this situation, forward-thinking architects are choosing materials which is compatible with the climate of India from North to South and East to West, along with another priority criterion is to shift towards sustainable paint coating from standard acrylics, urethanes, and polyester paints, this is where PVDF comes in.

    i) PVDF Does not Chalk or Fade

    Fading and chalking are something which most metal roofing and wall panelling face due to the occurrence of substances such as water, pollution and chemicals in the atmosphere which react with paint’s pigment. PVDF offers 30 years of chalking coverage and 40 years of paint coverage which makes it suitable for architectural endeavours in India.

    ii) Tough Engineered Polymer

    PVDF is a tough, engineered thermoplastic polymer that, when used properly in a paint formulation, promotes excellent weatherability, colour retention, and abrasion resistance. Because of carbon-fluorine bonds that do not break down under exposure to the elements.

    ii) PVDF Coated ACP Panel Meets AAMA 2605 Standard

    AAMA 2605 standard stands for high-performance exterior expectations. This test specifies the performance of organic coating on Aluminium panels. Viva ACP-engineered PVDF paints meet and exceed expectations for AAMA 2605.

    Viva ACP: Harnessing the Power of PVDF

    At Viva ACP, we recognize the importance of using premium materials that deliver unmatched performance and longevity. That’s why we exclusively utilize PVDF Kynar 500 paint in our architectural composite panels. Our PVDF-coated ACPs offer a winning combination of aesthetics and durability, making them the ideal choice for various exterior applications.

    i) Unmatched Durability

    Viva ACP’s PVDF-coated panels are engineered to withstand the test of time. Whether it’s scorching heat, pounding rain, or relentless UV radiation, our panels remain resilient, retaining their pristine appearance year after year.

    ii) Vibrant Colors, Lasting Beauty

    With Viva ACP, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics for durability. Our PVDF paint technology ensures vibrant colours that resist fading, ensuring that your projects retain their beauty for decades.

    iii) Sustainable Solutions

    In today’s world, sustainability is non-negotiable. That’s why Viva ACP is committed to offering eco-friendly solutions that minimise environmental impact. By choosing PVDF-coated panels, you’re not just investing in quality – you’re also contributing to a greener future.

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    Facelifting Architectural Structures With Viva’s PVDF Coated ACP Sheets

    Viva uses PVDF resin of Kynar 500 to perfect the colour and shade of the ACP panel. We use lead-free paints to cover ACP sheets that safeguard you and your family against carcinogenic lead paint dangers. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our PVDF-coated panels. From unmatched durability that withstands the harshest environmental challenges to vibrant colours that retain their allure for decades, Viva ACP’s PVDF technology is synonymous with lasting beauty and resilience. Push your limits in design possibilities with Viva ACP’s 300+ shades and range of ACP design series.

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