Viva Rain Screen System

Viva RainScreen Systems are designed for better moisture management and high energy efficiency. A RainScreen System is an exterior cladding infrastructure that fits on the wall of a building as a weather-resistant barrier, creating an air circulation gap directly behind the cladding which helps to protect the buildings from environmental factors such as rain water and moister deposition. The RainScreen Systems allows moisture to easily drain away from the building wall and the air that flows between the cladding and the wall accelerates evaporation of any residual moisture. Rainscreens also provide a solution for improving building energy efficiency by facilitating exterior insulation.

A Rainscreen should be viewed as a building envelope support mechanism, whose primary function is not to provide barrier protection against water penetration (such as a weather-resistant barrier does). Rather, a Rainscreen is designed to limit the amount of water that could potentially come into contact with the primary building envelope’s moisture barrier, thereby reducing the chance of water finding a way into the wall assembly. It does this by defending the wall assembly against the five forces that drive rain into buildings: kinetic energy, gravity, capillary action, surface tension and pressure gradients.

Why Viva Rainscreen Systems

  • Can be installed on new projects as well as refurbishments
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Silicone free installation resulting in clean and consistent appearance of façade
  • Open groove installation
  • Impact and weather resistant
  • High degree of water tightness and structure stability
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Increase shelf-life of cladding & facade
  • Lightweight and durable with Viva ACPs
  • Improves thermal and acoustic insulation


Why to avoid silicone application in modern ACP Façades

  • Silicone has bleeding properties and releases oil due to weather reaction
  • High maintenance cost
  • Contributes negatively to the aesthetics of facades
  • Vulnerable and easy to stain
  • Not suitable for internal air ventilation
  • Traps moisture which affects life of façade and structure
  • Cracking issue observed typically after 3-4 years of installation
  • Colour variations are limited

Advantages of Viva Rainscreen Systems

Low maintenance

Rainscreen System is an excellent method of protecting the exterior wall of a building from environmental effects. In fact, materials such as aluminium cladding will ensure your building benefits from low maintenance whilst the rear-ventilated cavity prevents moisture reaching the main building structure. This provides a number of performance related benefits by keeping the underlying elements continuously dry.

Ease of use

Viva RainScreen Systems is easy to uninstall, repair and reinstall on any individual panel.

Improved air ventilation

As over-cladding involves fixing slab insulation to the exterior wall of the existing building, there is no loss of internal space and it is covered  with a breathable membrane before ‘over’ cladding with a rain screen system. In addition to improving the building’s energy efficiency, it makes it look like new, too!

Aesthetic appeal

Apart from better thermal performance, over cladding an existing building can greatly improve its appearance. In fact, it makes an old building look and perform like new. This is an excellent way of modernising older properties, or ensuring that new builds have contemporary appeal.

Gravity-defying designs

Viva Rainscreen cladding systems are lightweight and strong, making it relatively easy to create engaging, striking designs that appear to defy gravity. Whether it’s an overhanging canopy, parabolic curve or gouged-out aperture in a façade, our lightweight and strong metal rainscreen cladding systems can help you deliver the vision.

Ease of installation

The lightweight property makes rain screen cladding systems relatively easy to install.

Cost effective

We have a range of materials and finishes that will help you achieve your vision within your budget. Whether it’s an Aluminium rain screen system or Corten weathered steel, we have a solution to suit your needs. Cladding a façade with Rainscreen System is a cost effective method which improves the thermal performance of the building.


Rain screen cladding meets the requirements for off-site construction, which means it is relatively fast to fit on site. That’s because many of the items are pre-assembled in project site, allowing large elements to be craned into position on site. Being a dry construction technique also means that it isn’t affected by inclement weather that could stop wet trades.


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